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    Hi All,

    I finally decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my 1.5 install to 2.0.2. I had been putting it off as I didn’t have the time to deal if something went wrong, usually something with IE. So, well, here we are. lol. The upgrade went fine, but now something is messed in IE and it seems to be related to my stylesheet.

    I tried loading the default theme, works pretty much ok. Tried removing the CSS file from my server, which interestingly enough makes IE peg the processor and you have to kill the process OR it was also somehow still seeming to load the file even though it didn’t exist (?!?! Yeah, cleared the browser cache). Tried removing the link to the CSS file in the html with obvious results, no stylesheet, but the posts seem to flow and not cascade like they do in IE currently, which makes me think it’s the stylesheet over some change in the php somewhere (via the upgrade to 2.0.2) – though I haven’t ruled that out either.

    I also tried editing the CSS in a live viewer for IE, but wasn’t able to find the offending code at least where I thought it might be.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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  • Something is definitely wonky in IE! I can’t say for certain, but you do have 21 errors in your mark-up and it tends to be some obscure unclosed tag that every other broswer can deal with, but alas, IE throws a fit. Hopefully the cause is one of those errors, but if it is not, post back and at least we’ve eliminated the usual suspect!


    Yeah, it’s never validated correctly. So while it’s possible there could be a problem in there, I’ve simplified things by reverting to the “default” theme for WordPress. Still barfing up errors. Check the link again (yours above).

    The page renders ok in IE (minus the category weirdness), which again makes me think it’s a CSS problem vs. a php one. Although, was the loop changed from 1.5 to 2.0? It seems like it’s grabbing the next post and dumping it in with the previous post which is why the cascading. Strange though that Firefox doesn’t barf on it then too.

    I know just enough about this stuff to be dangerous obviously.

    I think there is a problem with your box-width (Explorer has a particular non-standard way to interpret padding and width so the total width of sidebar and main column is too large and the sidebar column is pushed below your main column as a result). Make #page in your css file wider, or #sidebar less wide. Usually does the trick. Or look here:

    Well, sorry to confuse. I pulled the sidebars and other stuff out a long time ago. I just reverted to a default theme to see if that part at least rendered correctly, which it does mostly. I’ve switched back to MY CSS, take a look now. I ended up hacking together my own CSS a while ago. This is the layout I want, but in IE it cascades the subsequent posts under the first one.

    Even more interesting is that it only seems to do it on the pages with the music/tracks. Check some of the other ones, all of them display fine.

    I tried disabling all plugins, but no effect. Which again points to the CSS methinks. Just . . where?!?1?! . . . .grrrrr.

    Also, it’s been a while, but I’m pretty sure I implemented that IE hack already.

    Ok, I’m onto something. The “feedback” code is doing it.

    Specifically, somewhere in here:

    ‘ <div class=”feedlink”><?php wp_link_pages(); ?>
    <?php comments_popup_link(__(‘Feeback (0)’), __(‘Feeback (1 so far. . .)’), __(‘Feeback (% so far. . .)’)); ?></div>

    If I pull that part out of the code and post it to the site, it displays as it should. I haven’t changed anything, but maybe something has in 2.0?

    Also tried pulling out the CSS that renders that part of the page, but still borked so that’s pointing to the code.

    Specifically, if you check what should be the feedback link for the first item on the “tracks” page, and then on the “remixes” page, it’s fine until about the 4th one down. All of the other posts seem to be fine, but on these the feeback link is turned into “–>” that and then all of the posts underneath get stuck in with that post.

    Ok. First of all, thanks to you guys for taking a stab at it. That said . . .

    NO F$(&#$(&#%ING WAAAAAAAAY!!!! Know what the problem was?!?!?!

    ‘<div class=”feedlink”>
    < href=”” title=”Comment on TekMonki – “Saudade” “>Feeback (7 so far. . .)</div>

    See that little space in between “Saudade” and the next quote mark?!?!?! THAT WAS THE BLOODY PROBLEM! Hours for that?!?!?! Man I really really really hate IE. No, really. MS SORT YOUR SHIT OUT PLEASE!!

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