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  • I no I shouldn’t blame IE, it’s not like I no what I’m doing. But it worked with Safari, IE 5.2 and Firefox on my Mac. It also rendered very well on my friend’s PC using opera. However IE for windows will not forgive my poor attempt at coding. If you can call reworking a template using the W3C school tutorial for CSS “coding”. So would someone please look at my files and try and help me out. I would start over but I don’t have a clue how to get where I want to be.
    At the bottom of the link you will find links to my index and CSS files. On the bright side I now know enough to get a page with pics up.

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  • whatless,
    Yes, you SHOULD blame IE. I’ll take a quick peek and see if I can see anything. I’m sure a few others will chime in as well.
    Podz? Root? You guys in the ‘hood?

    I think it may be the fact that IE screws up (increasess) padding/margins on floating divs.
    Add the following to your two menu divisions (whatever you have called them).
    If I have clocked the problem correctly then that is your fix.

    Sorry I didn’t see that link to your wp-layout.css
    Add display:inline; to your #menu-left and #menu-right divisions.
    Hopefully that will do it.

    Im in. This is not to do with floats it is to do with width albeit in the floated elements. As it is IE doing the damage I would look at the size of the outer containers not the float themselves. I havent got much time now but something needs to be wider.

    That would be an IE rant in two languages I hope ?

    No, it’s a haiku rant.

    Ive just read them. Fantastic 🙂

    Thanks for the help, I reworked Root’s Trident template. It isn’t exactly the way I would have liked but it works.

    I worship at the altar of the Serendipitous One. 🙂

    Well thanks for the thanks. Like everything to do with WP it can be changed. If you have any qs just post away here. That is why we are here.

    Whatless has used an old boilerplate template left over on my blog. We have emailed and hopefully all will be well. Please do not think the link above is to a Trident install. It isn’t. Or it wasn’t when I wrote this.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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