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  • In Firefox, the links next to your header image completely disappear on hover, not a very neat thing. So your problems aren’t just with MSIE. Ah, the same applies to MSIE.

    Okay, as to the specific MSIE problem, this is a job for Positioniseverything, a great clearing house and fixer for browers issues. You might want to read through their site for the fixes for this.

    Actually, the links don’t disappear, the color just turns to white.

    For one thing, you don’t even have a <body> tag in your page. I suggest you get your page to validate first.

    I’m confused as how to validate my site. I did the CSS, but in wordpress 1.5 and using themes there is not only one .php document. When it says line 17 is that line17 in my header? index.php? can I close tags that are open in my header.php and close it in my footer.php?

    do all of my .php’s need a Doctype?

    All of the generated pages will need a doctype; if your templates includes this, either by using a header.php or (if using a single template index.php) by keying it into the <head> section, then the pages that are generated from those templates should be okay on that score.

    You may find it less trouble to start with one of the included themes and modify it, bit by bit, to get the look you want, than to start from scratch.

    Lastly, on the index page created by both classic and default themes, toward the bottom the sidebar, is a link ‘XHTML’ which will call on the W3C validation service with that page’s URI. Having multiple PHP template files is not an issue.

    I’ve finally validated my CSS and XHTML, except my navigation is a navigationlist at the top of my page. In the XHTML check the error is that I cannot list my categories in my navigationlist. Why is this and is there any other way to have a horizontal menu that includes all of my categories that are posted in?
    Thank you for your other response it was helpful for organizing my index.

    I believe the issue is you cannot stretch an anchor across several list items.

    Try removing:
    <li><a href="../shortforstephenblog" title="All of my categories">



    When I only put this in my page becomes valid, but I don’t get the categories that I have posted in already in my navigation.

  • “>

  • ">
  • how do I get the code to post?

    I’m sorry, I got it to validate thank you for all of you help!

    Yay! Good job.

    Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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