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  • Okay, since IE apparently doesn’t handle transparent PNGs that well, I created a separate banner image for IE based browsers. I then tweaked the lowstream theme php to use the correct image based on the browser. Everything works great, except for a minor CSS layout problem.

    If you look at my page at in IE6 (haven’t installed 7 yet), the image is correct, but it’s doesn’t quite match the width of the blog area. Further, IE insists on putting border lines even though I don’t specify them. I do add a dotted line around the sidebar, but that overlays the IE border lines. I’ve pretty much reached the end of my knowledge.

    You can see the style.css at:

    Any suggestions?


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  • I suggest you validate your site ( first. Fixing the problems this highlights may well sort out your IE issues.
    Good luck!

    If you want to work with transparenty, you could use the following code in your css there where you want transparent layout.
    ‘filter: alpha(opacity: 90);
    -moz-opacity: .90;’

    The value 90, you can changes up or down for the ammount of transparenty.

    Notice that validators most of the time dont validate transparent css source.

    I’ve fixed all the validation errors in my site (as of just now), but I get the same problem.

    I’ve got the transparency working with Firefox, it’s just the IE CSS layout that’s giving me problems.


    I just upgraded to IE7 and found no problems with the upgrade when it came to themes, code, css & html. I also found that in most instances (strangely) I no longer required the IE hack to help IE render my pages correctly. But then again, I don’t have IE6 anymore…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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