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  • Forgot to check my site after upgrading with IE and just heard from my Dad that he can’t read it. Yup, half of the content is under the menu now. Looks perfect in Firefox. I am not sure how to tackle this. I did away with the IE specific CSS because I didn’t want to have to worry about keeping 2 of them updated, but perhaps that is the best route? Or are there just a few sections that I could fiddle with and get this fixed? Any tips on what to begin with would be much appreciated. 🙂
    This is the messed up one:
    What I really don’t get is that this one looks fine and they are both using the same style sheet. I just realized this. Now I’m really confused…

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  • Ah… the good old browser wars. I remember some of the HTML and sizing issues that went along with the shift from Netscape to IE. My first page back in ’96 was made for Netscape. Imagine my surprise when my dad upgraded to Win ’98 and I couldn’t see anything right on my webpage in IE.
    I feel your pain.
    Unfortunately, I can’t immediately see a difference between the two pages… Then again, I’m not exactly an expert. I’m still learning myself. However, if one works in both browsers, there shouldn’t be a reason to have a seperate CSS files for each browser. It just means there’s something on the one page that IE doesn’t seem to like.
    It looks very big to me… almost like the columns are too wide, even when I maximize the window. Everything is magnified compared to the page that works… font size, column width, everything accept the background image. However, it’s not misaligned in anyway that I can tell.

    Wel I do not know if this template might help. Works fine (to my knowledge) in pretty much all browsers, and easily be styled for any look or feel.

    I think your menu is to big. It is overlapping.
    #content {margin: 30px 13em 0 3em;}
    #menu {width: 15em;}

    But it’s only too big on the one page… the other page is fine. If the CSS is changed, it might mess up the page that is working. It’s probably something that has to do with that individual page.

    I am really confused by this *page* that is / is not working. We’ve only got one page. How many have you got and how are they set up.?

    In my original post, I posted two different blog links. They both use the same CSS file, but they are not coming out the same. Then I supplied the screenshots to match them so you can see what I am seeing.

    There is only one css file, they are both importing the same URI. The indexes are not the same, but are mostly similar. I copied the working and put it in the non-working and it didn’t change anything, size-wise. It’s just very confusing, but thank you for attempting to help. I guess I just need to start over.

    Mostly similar? 🙂

    Yeah mostly. One big difference being the one quotation mark that was out of place, screwing it all up. Blarg. Why must the little teeny things that are so hard to see be the same things that eff everything up….

    Well we got you fixed up then.

    Man, if you’d only been here a couple hours ago! Woulda saved me some misery. 🙂 Thanks for checking on it for me. Yeah, that was the misplaced quotation mark… :/

    I should have refreshed the page before composing my answer I guess … post now was rather redundant *grin* Anyway, you’re so right, it’s those teeny things that tend to be a pain in the butt. I’ve come accross a couple of rather stupid mistakes that took me hours to figure out throughout my blogging life …

    @morgaine. Long time no see. Havent you *upgraded* to WP yet ? Best Wishes.

    Ah Mr. Root 🙂
    Long time no see indeed. Not really in the blogging mood I’m afraid. As for *upgrading* to WP, I would in a heartbeat, I would, if only I could get those permalinks the way I want them (well, I get the permalinks, it’s the problem with the comments, caused by the timestamp only permalink structure that is holding me back) …
    Anyway, best wishes for you as well,

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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