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  • When viewed in Firefox, everything looks great, but in IE6 (Win) there are two problems that I think might be related. I’ve created a post with screenshots and the CSS to illustrate the problems.

    1. On the sidebar, under “Listening to:” the bolded album title, “Takk…” should be aligned with the top of the image, but instead it appears lower.

    2. The image mentioned above, when moused-over, doesn’t have the desired behavior (background color of image should be orange). Instead only a fraction at the top of the image does this. The rest of it remains white.

    The reason that I think these issues are related is that the height of the part that does turn orange seems to be the same height that the album title falls short of where it should be.

    I’m fairly new to CSS, and I’ve looked at a bunch of the normal CSS IE bug resources (Position is Everything, etc.), but I’m having a hard time even identifying the relevant problem on those resources. I really appreciate any advice offered.

    FWIW – I’m using the Amazon Media Manager for some of the content of my sidebar.

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