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IE Bowser issues with Photocrati Theme

  • Hi there,
    I customized a photocrati theme for a local boutique (Lightbox theme) adding a new banner and footer with their logo etc. Everything works except the banner does not show up on any of the pages. I did not change the dimensions of the header, merely created the banner in Photoshop to fit the pre-existing header space as defined in CSS file.

    It shows up in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera…in fact everything work perfectly fine..even in IE except the banner nor the navigation propagates. Oh yeah if you mouse over the area where navigation tabs should be the hand icon appears so they are there but don’t show. I need to resolve this as the client primarily uses IE and so do a lot of the people in this region.
    Here is the link if anyone is interested:


    I appreciate any and all help.
    Thank you

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  • Moderator Mark Ratledge


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    What banner don’t you see? I see one the barnwood background banner with the name of the store. And you have one drop down menu item under Shop – titled Vintage Lamps – that works.

    Did you use IE 6 or 7?

    The client uses IE 7 on her computer. I used the same photocrati theme for my own website and it does the same thing to mine: no banner nor navigation.

    Did you use IE to look at it?

    Moderator Mark Ratledge


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    For the missing logo, try z-indexing on the body and the logo to push them back behind the menu. Try a position:relative; z-index; -1 in body and a position:relative; z-index; 5 in #header to push it back so the menu might be able show in IE.

    You’ve got other problems to fix: your logo.jpg is nearly 1 meg in size, which means it’s taking too much time to download anyway and that might be throwing IE. And the images you’re rotating in your gallery are way too large, either in KB or image dimensions vs. display.

    I’ll give the first part a try but as for logo.jpg being 1 mg…weird cause it’s 72 dpi at 954pxx154px which is what the photocrati theme calls for in terms of wxh. So it’s not that. The images…yes were all over the place in terms of size though i told client they had to be optimized for web which was 72dpi at whatever pixel ratio the theme called for, in this case 750×500. So I took care of that.

    I just did the position:relative; z-index; 5 in #header and position:relative; z-index; -1 in body….still did not work. It’s not picking up the background gif for the page either. I hate IE!!!!!
    The site works great in Firefox and every other browser EXCEPT IE. Why does anyone use it anymore?

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    We’re all stuck with IE, and for quite a few years from now, too….

    Try lowering the quality of the jpg in Photoshop slightly, and that wil drop the size a lot.

    You’re missing the semicolor after the z-index calls, so they’re being ignored right now. If they still don’t work, a good article on z-indexing is Overlapping And Z Index – css-discuss

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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