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  • Hey guys,

    I have a question with the way that IE is reading CSS. Take a look at my website in Mozilla Firefox, — everything looks fine right? — and then check it out in IE.

    What on earth would make the google ads go far to the left and the entire right side sink to the bottom?

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  • You have a few errors in your CSS though they probably aren’t the problem.

    Your code, however, is another story and just testing it gave out 864 errors:

    Many are plugin related, but aside from that you need to clean up your code where you can and then take it from there. IE is’t good with CSS but then IE7 is coming.

    I dunno, clean code will ensure you can clearly label IE at fault, otherwise it looks like your code may be the problem. IE also may require several hacks which can be found by searching these forums for IE Hacks and visiting asite caleld absolute positioning (I think).

    Since you have some fixed widths on items with padding, it’s probably IE’s faulty box model. It doesn’t include the padding in it’s calculation of total div width. It probably doesn’t think that’s there’s room for your side bar and that’s why it’s shoving it below everything else. You can get around it by doing something like this:

    #divname {
    padding: 10px;
    width: 760px; //IE width

    html>body #divname {
    width:780px; //rest of the world width

    That is not an approved Trident theme download and it has been borked by the author.

    Thanks guys, I’ll see what I can do cleaning it up. One thing I have noticed is that the problems are only there when I place the blogads code anywhere on the page. That seems to be the focal point of the messups.

    That would definitely be the second suspect. Particularly if there is padding.

    In fact, there is! Any idea how I can clear that up?

    It may well be due to the table element not havin any width as well as also having padding it’s taking up 100% of available space and then some. either way it’s forcing the sidebar to expand in IE and drop down , in Firefox it will correctly just oveflow the extra width.

    Seeing as you are in Standards mode it’s not IE faulty box model- at least not in IE6- actually the the box model works opposite to above ; the correct box model calculates padding and borders as additions to the stated width of an element. The faulty box model DOES include borders and padding in the intial width calculation which is why one has to filter rules for width to IE5 which can’t render in standards mode and switch on the correct box model hense stated width for IE5 is as written and in standards compliant browsers it needs to be stated width minus any padding or border widths/heights


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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