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    I’m working on a template for a WP site. I haven’t even gotten to the WP integration yet cause IE is screwing me up.

    the file with the css in it:

    the dummy thumbnails should display an image to the right when you hover over them. this works in ‘normal’ browsers. I’ve done this before and had it work and . I’ve been comparing my code between the old and the new and all seems fine. obvisouly it’s not.

    I’ve narrowed it down to a line. in #thumbbox li {margin: 1px;float: left;}

    if I take out the float line, it works but of course the thumbox is wrecked. I’ve been starring at it for too long and can’t seem to think my way around a solution. anyone have any advice? I wanna get it sussed before I start trying to build it into a WP theme.


    sorry, the file is still a bit of a mess. 😉

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  • fixed. thank you. dont know if I can delete this. if not, maybe a mod can.


    Nope, we’d rather not delete things, we’d prefer you posted an explanation of how you fixed it for the next person who might come along and search for the problem.

    ok. I can’t say that I understand exactly what fixed it but the container that the span was sitting in had a declared with. the spans are positioned to display on :hover outside of the container via absolute positioning. it appears as though ie was ‘unwilling’ to display the spans outside the container. I removed the width of the container and adding width declarations to it’s contents instead and the spans showed up.

    I dunno if that will help anyone but I tried! If I understand it better moving forward, I’ll repost.


    IE isn’t particularly good with absolute positioning….

    Thanks much for the explanation; someone will be along one of these days, and will really appreciate it!

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