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    The MIME TYPE of your videos is – application/octet-stream

    It should be – video/mp4

    How did i get that and how do I change it?

    Here’s what I did:
    I used the “add external media” to insert an Amazon Cloud Front HTTP link for HTML 5 and Downloads. (e.g.

    Then, once those files were in my WordPress dashboard, I used them to create playlists so site visitors can choose which file works best for them: HD (1280×720) or SD (640×360)

    Thanks for educating me. I followed the instructions for the JW Player for Word Press Playlist: and I am not sure why it is not showing MIME TYPE video/mp4.


    Was it how I created the video? I used Handbrake and used the settings recommended here:

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    It’s unclear what the reason for this bug is, but it might have something to do with the encoding of the videos, which causes conflicts in IE. We are looking into it.

    You can fix the problem by setting the primary mode of the JW Player to flash instead of html5. This way the video is played by flash, which is less picky. On devices that do not support flash the fallback to HTML5 will remain.

    OK. I’ll try that. That was the way it was set initially (since Flash is the default setting in the Dashboard) but I changed it to HTML 5 because the video wasn’t even showing up on some browsers. I’ll play around with it and see what happens. But I was using rtmp stream, which doesn’t have a fallback.

    I’ll report back what happens.

    I set the primary mode to flash and it is working in Chrome, Firefox and Safari and mobile (Andriod at least). In IE, the videos don’t appear unless I click the compatibility view button. Then, they appear and play.

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    I’m sorry, but I cannot reproduce the error. I tried with some of your videos in IE9 myself and they play well. The problem has been listed and we will look into it.

    My assumption is that the metadata of the video is not getting through correctly.

    I’ve used JWPlayer for years and could never get it to play on all devices. I recently decided to buy a server and host my website myself because relying on others became a problem…the reliability wasn’t there using other hosts. I was going to buy the latest jwplayer and discovered it’s now a yearly fee for commercial. Although it’s reasonable I would still be dependent upon them not changing their code and my having to change hundreds of pages where I have it installed. And relying on another company would defeat the purpose of my taking control of everything. For a few weeks off and on I would try to get the player to work on all devices. I could get it to work or some one way and others the other way and I scoured the net everyday for a solution. Finally I tried something totally different. I am a subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud and use Dreamweaver. I simply chose to insert media and chose html5. I chose the source and saved the file. When I brought it up, it worked. I used h264 (mp4). I then went out the network and tried it using IE, Firefox, Safari, my iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy (android). It worked beautifully on everything. Just my two cents.

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    Do you have an example of where you could not get things working?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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