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  • When writing a post using ie 6 i am not able to send a photo to the text editor. I am able to upload the photo i want but when I click “send to editor” it shows that there is an error on the page which reads:

    Error:Object doesn’t support this property or method

    Also, I have been having issues with the Visual box, all that is displayed is the code and it never gives me a visual when I am managing pages which have already been created (by a different user on a mac)

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    I can understand if you are a blog user and might have IE6 but if you are the ower/creator/operator of the blog for goodness sake upgrade your browser! Do you like to torture yourself?

    Either IE7 or Firefox. Use IE6 only for testing if that. I am always happy to help out but trying to replicate or trouble shoot an error in wp-admin using IE6 is a waste of time.

    Exploder 6 is truly a very strange browser which behaves very weird. I’ve had lots of problems making websites work even in IE6.
    I would absolutely recommend Firefox, which I believe is the browser that is most standard-complient. (Believe that’s the right word?)
    I have also had problems with Apples Safari, so even being a Mac user doesn’t make everything from that part perfect.
    But – ditch IE 6.

    IF you would like to keep IE 6 for testing, you can install both IE6 and IE 7 on the same PC.

    Even Microsoft has put in hacks in many of their web pages to make them work in IE6. Funny?

    thanks for the feedback…unfortunately the problem lies with a client and issues with content management. They are all currently using ie 6, i have no idea why they haven’t even upgraded to ie7 but this is where we are at.

    I as well was having problems with safari in the admin, i have switched to FF and all issues have been resolved.

    this is my thinking for solving the clients problem, unfortunately they have some ridiculous restrictions on downloads,etc from the web and seem to be stuck on ie6. Again, there have been numerous issues in the admin within this browser…

    are there any possible solutions besides switching to FF?

    NO, Use Firefox

    Firefox is better

    Moderator kmessinger


    Is you client a Windows shop? If so and they are still on XP, IE6 could be a hold-over. If they are a Windows shop it probably would be easier to switch them to IE7 especially if they are ultimately going to Vista. If (wow, lots of ifs) they have an IT department, those folks should know the migration plan and should be advocates for dumping IE6.

    Hard to tell with clients unless you ask directly. I’ve seen some fairly large firms (over 200 desktops) not want to change anything because of licensing issues.

    If you are the content manager, YOU can use IE7 or FF. It should be tranparent to them. BTW, are far as I know, while you can run 6 and 7 easily on XP, it is much more difficult with Vista.

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