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  • Hi there,

    I have developed a website but it doesn’t work in IE6 which I have heard is quite common.

    Our organisation is considering paying for someone to develop a separate style for IE6 but would prefer to spend the $ elsewhere as we are an NGO (based in Cambodia).

    Is it that important for a site to work in IE6, is it used that much anymore and would it be sufficient to have a pop up asking users to download latest version of IE6?

    Thank you

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  • Perhaps this would be helpful: IE6 Countdown

    It depends. How many visitors to your site are still using IE6? Any good analytics software will be able to tell you the percentage. so, check out what that is and decide if it’s worth putting the money inot it or not.

    Hell no, IE6 is down to 0.6% market share as of April 2012. Most have given up support a long time ago. It all depends on your visitors though. If your site gets more then 5% traffic from IE6 then I’d consider getting it fixed.

    IE7 is down to 2.3% so a lot of developers have given up support for it also. Mostly progressive enhancement stuff.


    Thanks heaps guys! That’s all great to know, I was hoping that there would be some passionate individuals out there telling me not to bother. Michael – good idea, maybe I can go live and then assess the %. IE6 countdown site is great, I will be sharing.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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