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    I’ve set up a Flickr set with a few bugs from my new site design [primarily IE 6 PC bugs]. Site looks dandy in Firefox, a few things in Safari/Opera that I can fix, but IE 6 is screwed in a few places. Would any of you diehard CSS coders mind taking a look at it? The photos have notes on them in Flickr so it’s easier to explain a few things.


    Thanks in advance

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  • My site itself can be viewed at: http://swimcommunity.org/blog/

    Nice 🙂 IMO IE sucks but still 80 % of the people who view my site use IE 🙁

    I don’t have my PC on right now since it’s a laptop and next to my wife who is sleeping. I’ll explain to you how to fix your problem even though I can’t see it right now. I develop on a Mac so 99% if it works in Firefox it works in Safari. IE 6.0 and all IE versions use a different box model than every other browser.

    Usually what happens is if you specify margin or padding in Firefox at say 2px, IE will see it as 4px, so if you using exact measurements for your layout and you have a width of 402px and you have a left column that’s 400px and a right column that’s 2px. IE will force the right column under. If you have padding on both left and right columns you’ll have to adjust for that. But in any event here’s the code:

    margin: 0 !important; /* firefox/gecko/safari value */
    margin/**/:/**/ 0; /* IE 6x value */

    The commenting in the second margin is only understood by IE 6.x all other browsers will ignore it. This commenting feature will work with any property. But it meant to be used with width, height, margin, padding.

    I’ll try to look at the site tomorrow and find the problem. It shouldn’t take long to find it. Fixing it may take a while though.

    I’ve just installed WP tonight so I was looking though the boards. It looks like it’s easy to built your shell externally get it to work than break it down in to the include files.

    Good luck.

    The weird thing is that IE’s shifting the links at the bottom over by some really odd numbers. I manually lined them up [shifting the CSS numbers] in IE and compared them to the numbers that work in FireFox… There’s not a set of numbers that correlate. The “links” link is shoved over by a great deal many more pixels than the “archives” link is. I can’t find anything in the CSS that would make IE just randomly change the “left” pixels.

    Also, the unordered lists on the “links” page itself get NASTY screwed up in IE. It’s like the browser isn’t resetting the text-indent numbers, but instead piling them up each time there’s a new list. The lists themselves are correctly closed and everything. It’s really weird.

    I think I’m going to try something else for the links. The image replacement technique I’m using there is a little wonky in IE and Opera [due to “overflow: hidden” support or lack thereof]. If you have any suggestions on good ways to fix this, let me know.

    Hey cool I can use this solution prob. for my other problem mentioned in another post 🙂

    And it did work !!!!

    Great just don’t forge the !important; at the end 🙂

    But I figures out that there is some tag-not-closure problem I reckon. Somewhere in the complete damn site there is a tag-not closed wich interferes with the style-layout in FiFo since that is harder to get. IE just ignores that non-closed tag (offcourse)

    Thanks for that hack! Works wonders. I finagled a few text-align: center commands as well and everything looks hunky dory.

    Well, except for whatever it is that IE wants to do with my lists on this page: http://swimcommunity.org/links/


    Okay, I found out the buglet on this issue. If I could just get some feedback to whether it works on Macs now… Thanks!

    Your site looks fine on the Mac in Safari as well as Firefox for the Mac.

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