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  • RodwellBuildingServices


    Not sure about cost yet, but make sure your host provider’s PHP is 5.4.0 or better.


    Any IDX integration will vary from about $100 to thousands depending a lot on how much you want to do.

    We have clients at RealtyCandy who want a quick basic install that is very inexpensive.

    Then we have people contact us who want something really stunning.

    [link moderated – please do not use these forums to solicit for customers]



    Plugin Author Johnny


    Please find your way to our main support website, where you can find all the answers to these questions and more. Cost can depend on the Real Estate Agent’s MLS Board.


    p.s. to other commenters…using the WP Repo forum to advertise for solution competition is not only unethical but slimy.



    Sorry about that.

    I got an IDX search alert, and I thought it was for another IDX Product. If you can remove or edit my comment that would be great.

    Again, I apologize about that, and I will be sure to avoid that in the future.



    Thank you for the updates;
    Any work-around or ideas on getting the host provider up to PHP 5.5.0 or better?


    You need to contact your hosting company. If they won’t update it for you, I would recommend looking for a new hosting company. You want someone hosting your site, who will provide you with good tools.

    Good luck!

    Plugin Author Johnny


    @rodwellbuildingservices no problem, now that I know it was an oversight. Thought it was on purpose. I would actually like to speak with you about something B2B, after looking over your plugin. Find me online and reach out. (WP Forum posts usually can’t be deleted, even by moderators…unless it’s a serious violation, I suppose.)

    To jump in here, yeah folks, if you are hosting with GoDaddy…DON’T. Really ever – IMHO. VPS servers are much cheaper these days and usually run the latest versions of the software and/or give you the WHM Panel/cPanel to upgrade yourself.

    Shared hosts are not for websites with serious functionality and resource requirements. They are starting points. Plus WordPress and the rest of the world are moving forward, while cheap rate hosts take advantage of their users by not upgrading their own licenses.

    You shouldn’t have to ASK your host to keep your server up to snuff, ya know. But you do, in many cases.

    Once WP 4.7.x came out with RESTful API built in, our plugin was already requiring the RESTful API plugin to work. We are trying to stay ahead of technology, not cater to outdated hosts. Otherwise our software will cease to serve all of you that want to use it. So we have to decide whether we want to keep up with the trend setters and rule makers, like Google, or make a weaker product that will work for GoDaddy’s unsuspecting hosting users that are getting a worse than sub par service.

    ~GoDaddy rant over~


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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