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    Hello, I have this log, I know how to identify the following Drop-ins: “advanced-cache.php v by “, “Redis Object Cache Drop-In v2.5.1 by Till Krüss” but I can’t identify where the “maintenance.php v by “.

    Well, some sites have them, others don’t.

    2 – doubt, After a few hours using the site and posting, I receive the message – If I deactivate the plugin and reactivate it, a few hours pass and it happens again, but that doesn’t stop me from posting, after F5, the error disappears and that’s it. appears in the next post

    Status: Conectado
    Client: PhpRedis (v6.0.2)
    Drop-in: Valid
    Disabled: No
    Ping: 1
    Errors: []
    PhpRedis: 6.0.2
    Relay: Not loaded
    Predis: 2.1.2
    Credis: Not loaded
    PHP Version: 8.1.26
    Plugin Version: 2.5.1
    Redis Version: 7.2.4
    Multisite: No
    Metrics: Enabled
    Metrics recorded: 55294
    Filesystem: Writable
    Global Prefix: "ojqo2_"
    Blog Prefix: "ojqo2_"
    Timeout: 1
    Read Timeout: 1
    Retry Interval: 
    WP_REDIS_PORT: "6379"
    WP_REDIS_PREFIX: "foconoticia.com.br:"
    WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT: "NULMuCd8o&]8L$&_fh+D>2G-=XTQV0]8h]7|*_nHn*+1._d)bJPdUWe+[3ndV+X8}"
    WP_REDIS_PLUGIN_PATH: "/var/www/foconoticia.com.br/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/redis-cache"
    Global Groups: [
    Ignored Groups: [
    Unflushable Groups: []
    Groups Types: {
        "blog-details": "global",
        "blog-id-cache": "global",
        "blog-lookup": "global",
        "global-posts": "global",
        "networks": "global",
        "rss": "global",
        "sites": "global",
        "site-details": "global",
        "site-lookup": "global",
        "site-options": "global",
        "site-transient": "global",
        "users": "global",
        "useremail": "global",
        "userlogins": "global",
        "usermeta": "global",
        "user_meta": "global",
        "userslugs": "global",
        "redis-cache": "global",
        "blog_meta": "global",
        "network-queries": "global",
        "site-queries": "global",
        "user-queries": "global",
        "counts": "ignored",
        "plugins": "ignored",
        "theme_json": "ignored",
        "themes": "ignored",
        "itsec-lockouts": "ignored"
    Drop-ins: [
        "advanced-cache.php v by ",
        "maintenance.php v by ",
        "Redis Object Cache Drop-In v2.5.1 by Till Krüss"
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