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  • samaralife


    Upgraded automatically to 3.7 and identicons (automatically generated pictures for commenters) disappeared from dashboard. Those without photos (this is random and some have it, some not initially) are represented by a white man on a gray field. Yet I can still see identicons if I just open my site (not the main dashboard or Comments section there).

    The Identicon preference is still on (checked this), and photos of users who logged in through various social services (FB, VK) as well as my own gravatar (or whatever it is called) are fine.

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  • danahuff


    I don’t have a solution (sadly) because I’m having the same issue, which makes me think it’s a bug. I only noticed it after updating to 3.7.



    I have the same issue since I updated to 3.7.1. Identicons show on the site, but not on the admin dashboard under comments. Was this an intentional change or is this a bug?

    Gravatars are still showing up fine on the dashboard. It is only the WP generated avatars that don’t show.

    I would really like this feature to work again as I’m a pretty visual person and like to be able to quickly see who is who in the comments.

    I hope it will be fixed soon…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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