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    i work on two 100% identical sites. lets name it A and B.
    my goal is a testimonial page with about 20 feedbacks. each feedback consists of a foto, by turns left- or right aligned, and beside it, a title text in large, and a subtitle in small. clicking the expand arrow, it opens some more text which will flow around the image.
    should be easy.
    i’ve got it working on with one issue:
    if the image is leftaligned, there is no arrow. But on mouse-over, it underlines the title and clicking it, it expands. so far, so got.
    after completing the whole site, i copied the source text and paste it 1:1 on site B, which has the same config – including the collapse-o-matic settings.
    i expected the exact same result but, as you can see on
    there are three differences:
    1. the title is in small instead of being in large
    2. the subtitle is completely missing
    3. here, the expand arrow icon is visible on both, left- and right-aligned images.

    for troubleshooting reasons, i cross-checked every settings, deactivated most other plugins, verified the issue is the same in Safari on ios, on mac and on firefox. finally i deinstalled and reinstalled collapse-o-matic.
    All with the same result.

    checking the collapse-o-matic settings, i also found, that changing duration, animation effect and entering some custom style information had no effect. of course i saved and reloaded). Only the style settings was a little responsive because sometime it changes the arrow icon, sometimes not. and sometimes it tells light style for a dark arrow icon. very strange. hope, this it’s a snap for you to fix this issue?

    btw, is it also possible, to let the image part of the title? so that a click on the text or on the image will expand?
    and is it possible, to have the text being highlighted instead of underscored?

    if it helps, her is the frame of code, i used on both sites:
    [caption id="attachment_123" align="alignleft" width="200"]<img src=”image.jpg” width=”200″ height=”220″ /> Picture title[/caption]
    [expand title=”“ Title in large …“” tag=”h5″ excerpt=”Subtitle in small”]
    expanded text in small[/expand]

    how can i assign the different text different attributes? with targtag i didn’t got it to work …

    Thanks in advance for your support,

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  • found solution by myself. thanks 🙂
    now, still waiting for the two open requests of shortcode inside colomat and options to choose between multiple “symbols/icons”.

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