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    Here is an idea as i see an opened mind to features. This is slightly more complex and I might end up doing it myself:
    A way to automatically transform custom fields (tags and/or categories – or any other such custom field) selected in a custom post into checklists.
    What exists:
    What I saw out there is not quite a complete solution:
    – there are many ways to add such fields as checkboxes and even displaying them in front end, but none the ability to save this info (cookies or db)
    – this plugin makes it easy to create them by hand, but nod dynamically
    – A way to grab existing custom fields, transform them into checklists (add them to database as checklists) and publish them to front end in that form.
    Use Case:
    – Let’s say one has a site that uses custom posts for to-do lists or for food ingredients and the author/admin publishes such posts by choosing from a large pool of items or ingredients (custom taxonomies or custom inputs) but only some that are available for that article.
    – Front end user then can check the list as needed based on current functionality.
    Basically there is the need to autogenerate such lists dynamically.

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  • Imagine this:
    Getting a particular taxonomy array from a custom post id, transform it into a checklist with an unique id and display it in the same time on the same page using the same shortcode (all instead of displaying the custom taxonomy itself). Wouldn’t that be nice:)

    [future-frontend-checklist frompostid=this fromtaxonomy="my_custom_categ"]

    The good thing about something like this is that it can work on already existing published posts or custom posts with just adding a shortcode. No need for a redesign.

    Searching for something similar to my idea, here is a nice example (too bad is not wp based):
    Just pick any of the recipes from allrecipies

    Plugin Author JonasBreuer


    I understand that would be a nice feature for you, but I’m not sure if anyone else would use this.

    Would it help to have the possibility to paste something into a textfield and each line is converted into a checklist point?

    Hi Jonas, thanks for the reply. I realize this is material for an entire rework, so don’t worry. Pasting something in a text field, though a good idea it is still not dynamic. What I am basically looking for is to have custom taxonomies (custom categories) transformed dynamically into checkboxes, most of how we see it on that link.
    If I pass something in a text field and then the post gets assigned new categories the problem still exists. It should trigger the code at front load and always display dynamically.
    I’ll mark this as solved as it is not really an issue with your plugin.

    Plugin Author JonasBreuer


    Well, that would be a lot of work for a feature barely used. I will keep that in mind, but I recommend you try to do it yourself. Feel free to use my plugin as a basis.

    Yes, my thoughts as well. Since it should be dynamic, there should be no changes in a regular site design (other than just adding a different shortcode to replace the taxonomy display), so I’m guessing I’ll probably work on something like this after finishing some of my current projects. As a side note, I don’t think it is too difficult to implement as you are taking the static list and make it into the checkboxes, I just need to add code to give that list in that particular format but from a sql query that would parse the particular custom categories given the name of the taxonomy.
    Thanks for letting me use the code base. Nice work!

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