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  • First thing – IdeaStream = amazing, particularly w/in BuddyPress groups – thx for making/evolving this plugin. I’ll make my Q as brief as possible:

    Background: All of my BuddyPress groups on the project I’m using IdeaStream on, as private BuddyPress groups (vs. public BuddyPress groups). I see in the mysql db that IdeaStream “Ideas” come in as a custom-post type “ideas”. The post_status for any ideas in the db gets assigned as “private (which makes sense, as the IdeaStream exists w/in a private BuddyPress group.)

    Question: When tags are assigned to a new idea, w/in a private BuddyPress group, the “most commonly used tags” don’t show up in the IdeaStream entry areas (you can add new tags, but the most commonly used tags don’t show up – which I’m assuming is b/c the Buddypress group is private?). If I goto the “Ideas” area in the back-end, the “counts” for any tags (or categories) always = 0 UNLESS I make the BuddyPress group “public”, then the tag counts start to populate & in-turn show up on the submit idea form as a growing list of the most popular tags.

    So, I’m wondering if there is any way to allow the most commonly used tag-cloud to grow, even if the BuddyPress group where IdeaStream exists is set to “private”?

    I’m also reading through/digesting the wp-idea-stream-custom.php file that was shared from WC Talks Paris (WP IdeaStream Custom – WC Talks. My sense is part of the solution of managing/harnessing the IdeaStream taxonomines for “privately published ideas” may be in there…

    Any insights/suggestions would be tremendous! -Jeff

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  • Plugin Author imath


    Hi @jeffacubed,

    By default idea tags are using the _update_post_term_count callback which prevents the ‘private’ post status to be in the count.

    Now if you use a filter like this:

    function jeff_tag_register_args( $args = array() ) {
        $args['update_count_callback'] = '_update_generic_term_count';
        return $args;
    add_filter( 'wp_idea_stream_tag_register_args', 'jeff_tag_register_args', 10, 1 );

    It should satisfy your “count” need.

    To make the most common used tags for the WordCamp Paris, i’ve used this filter:

    I think the only part you need to edit is the 'hide_empty' args, you’ll probably need to use the 0 value, because i doubt WordPress’s get_terms() function is checking for private posts.

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