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  • Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    Functionnally speaking, a “share/like” button should be thought at a microscopic scale of one item, whether it is a blog post, a forum post/reply, a gallery image, etc. The Toolbar could test if on a “single” post page, but it wouldn’t allow anything anywhere else, like an archive page, a whole gallery, a forum topic, etc. So pretty much a limited use IMO.

    I have no plans for such a feature in WPS Toolbar, but if you find what you need and it adds something to the Toolbar, this should pick the CSS like any other item by WPS Toolbar. If it doesn’t, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.



    understood. i just wasn’t sure if it was doable or not with having the share/like to be able to pick up all the pages or not. that suxs!

    i have a small handful of sites on a network, and i’m trying to find a simple way to add a like/share to each site and make it consistent on each one. that’s why i thought, hmmm, what about that damn toolbar?! i guess not. but if you have any ideas or know of any social plugins you’ve come across that has good support, i’m more than willing to listen. i’ve looked at way too many over the past several days.

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    If you’re running multisite and have ativated WPS Toolbar network wide, the Toolbar could indeed be a good option to ensure this feature is available network wide (regardless of the site admin’s chosen theme or page layout) thanks to WPST’s network features.

    It’s only that I find these functionalities to be too specific for this plugin, I see them in a dedicated plugin rather than added to WPST. I just ran a quick search in WP repo and the only plugins I found were to have a floating bar on the side of pages…



    yup, i agree, i only found a few that looked promising and were regularly updated, and they were the floating type.

    ideally, like i started off, i was only really looking to, maybe, at least for the time being, have a facebook and twitter share button (icon) in order for users to share the site. or what about just having a setup where you can only share the main blog website, regardless of where the user may be?? just thinking out loud at 2am!

    thanks for earlier response, and sorry for the late reply.

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    Sorry for the late follow-up and thanks for your suggestions so far.

    I’ve updated the development version here, where I’ve added the option to show some of the social icons in the Toolbar, in the frontend of the site. Nothing fancy, just the icons and links to their “sharers”, no information about previous shares (counts), nor “Likes”, etc. As I wrote earlier, to go further would probably require a dedicated plugin, but if it can fit your needs I’ll be most happy to keep this feature there and add other social icons. Maybe also add the admin option to choose between the homepage and the current page (whatever it is) ?

    Please note that the “Styles” tab is under work. I’m adding default CSS values in its empty fields, the first metabox (“Toolbar”) is done, the other metaboxes are on their way…

    Feedback most appreciated!

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    Just re-uploaded because of a typo in the CSS file name. Make sure you have at least v0.26.19 / build 2619.

    here’s feedback coming your way! and one word so far: nice! 🙂


    1. if u can move it to the right, imo, it would work best. also, if u took my suggestion, having it on the right (for me, this area also includes buddypress menu) i’d say there’s more likelihood users will use it since they’ll be going to that menu quite often – at least i think so.

    2. when u refer to styles, r u referring to the style for the share buttons?? if so, that’s gonna b cool!

    if not, in the ‘actual’ button current form, here’s my first thoughts…

    a. a bit too large – needs just to be slightly smaller;
    b. if u were able to use ‘actual’ colored icons, that would PoP!

    not sure what u meant above, i’ll leave this alone for now.

    3. in addition to #1 and #2, it’s all up to u, but i think it would be helpful if it was highlighted a bit, maybe, something like this..

    <<|SHARE icon icon icon icon|>>

    …that way it sorta stands out on its own. and maybe the SHARE lettering could be in “red” or ??? lastly, by adding the SHARE also tells the slow learners, this is to SHARE the site, damn it! lol

    and the “|” just helps makes it nice and neat

    lastly, the “<< >>” refers to X px of spacing from the next item on the bar, just because as it stands right now it’s a bit too close to the next item and should be somewhat on its own. again, just my $.02.

    please, no harsh remarks, u asked 4 feedback!

    oh yeah, forgot, that admin option to select whether to share the home page or current page, that would be a really nice feature! it would, in essence, replace quite a few social share plugins out there – at least for those using the toolbar and your plugin combo.

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    OK, I’ve updated the development version here. After the update, you may need to shift-reload to force your browser to use the latest CSS and fonts.

    Answering your suggestions:

    #1. I added the option to choose between the left and the right of the Toolbar. I thought it would better fit with the site-related stuff (Updates, Comments, Add New, etc.) but I agree that it’s somehow a little more eye catching on the right of the screen.

    #2. In my previous post I was referring to the “Styles” tab of the options page, this tab is under work.
    Yes, these icons are fonticons, so just like any other WP3.8 icon, they can be colored, resized, shadowed, whatever.
    a) I did my best to reduce the width of each icon so that they look more compact, but there’s some padding at the right, due to the label which normally takes place near each icon. For these icons, the label is empty, but there seems to be some kind of placeholders that I couldn’t remove. So basically I’ve reached a floor for these paddings.
    b) I added the option to use their corporate color. If not activated, the icons will use the same color as the others.
    Oh and, you can choose between three different font sets.

    #3. I see what you mean, but a) I’m not sure what the label “SHARE” would be used for, in term of holding a link or whatever, so it wouldn’t be consistent with the other items in the Toolbar, and b) I’m not willing to add extra dividers, other than those that the plugin proposes from the “Styles” tab already.

    I also added the option to choose between the homepage or the current page.

    I almost forgot to mention that it’s only available to WP 3.8 users…

    he’s back! …but barely alive. i’m so sorry about not getting back to u sooner. this site that i’m working on, i have a certain timelines to get certain things done, if i don’t have them done in time, this is all for not! so i apologize for not responding sooner. a few more days, i’ll either be passed out or barely breathing, and certainly hoping 4 the later of the 2. ;(

    back to business…

    i’m laughing, probably because i’m exhausted as well, but with the colors turned on against the dark toolbar, today’s word is…sweet! 🙂

    okay, feedback time..
    1. not sure, almost positive in the previous version, when i clicked an icon it opened a new tab. am i correct in this? because when i click a button now it uses the same window to go to any of the social sites. that’s not good. ideally, i don’t want to ask you, a small popup window would be nice, but opening in the new window would work just fine as well. but now thinking about it, i am 99.9% sure that’s what the previous one did, open in a new window when i clicked on it.

    2. this is quite minor, just because i’m thinking how others r putting the icons in order and knowing the volume of users on fb, for example, is there a way to sort (organize) the buttons?? or, if u can, just put them in order of popularity?

    1. fb
    2. twt
    3. lnkn
    4. g+
    5. stmbl

    it also makes it easier for a majority of people, at least i this so, on how most r used and accessing them. again, minor in nature, just thought i’d throw it out to you.

    and, btw, if i don’t get back to right away over the next few days, until things settle down, i’ll apologize upfront: sorry!

    lastly, i wish i was more talented in illustrator and the like and i’d do it when i had some time, ideally, it would be cool if you took a snapshot of the social icons on your toolbar, posted it on ur wp plugin home page, and then added info about it in the top description, just because i think many of the toolbar users will check it out…not to mention, the coolness you’ve done with the plugin overall, which, so far, most of which i haven’t even tested yet.

    that’s it. time to rest….

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    First off, I want to stress that there’s no rush on my side, I’m not ready to release a v27 yet, and even though, there’s nothing carved in stone, OK? This feature is coming along nicely, the feedback I had so far is great, so I have to thank you for suggesting this and pushing me hard into it. Plus, it’s really lightweight, code wise.

    Development trunk just updated. I’ve added some CSS settings at the “Styles” tab, so you can play with font sizes for icons and labels, both normal and hover. Also could you please check your #1 in that last post, as I can only confirm these links should indeed open in a new browser window / tab. About your #2 – don’t you like the gradient resulting from their brand colours, when listed in that order ? 🙂

    Documentation will come as soon as I have five minutes, LOL. If you like the plugin, may I suggest to test it, provide feedback, and spread the word…

    Take care!

    what, no RUSH on your part? say WHAT?! lol j/k! 🙂 ur timeline is fine with me. plus, since i appreciate u adding this to the bar and if it’s done in the next few weeks or so, that’s cool with me.

    and no problem on the feedback, you’re quite creative, and if my $.02 made any difference with this, it’s just a tidbit of what all users are getting w/ the neat plugin you’ve done already.

    but, again, as for the ‘NO RUSH comment’ above, well, i think we may need to take my thanks down a notch or two. 😉

    re #1: a-okay – not sure what the issue was before, it’s opening in a new window. CHECK

    re #2: u asked 4 for feedback, deal w/ it! only kidding! it’s fine as it is w/ the ordering…and, yes, i agree, the colors do make it standout.

    2 more questions, when u get a chance, no russsshhhhhh on ur part. 🙂

    1.) is this the correct meta i should add to the header.php for fb to scrap so it shows the correct image when sharing via fb?

    <meta property=”og:image” content=”” />

    because it’s showing a blank pic when clicking on the toolbar fb share, which it was doing before w/ another plugin, so i mine as well as fix it now.

    2.) just curious, do u have any recommendations on a multisite/wp developer for hire to do some basic plugins/programming? i don’t need things done this very second, just trying to narrow down a few to approach in the future when i get to that point and not be promised by someone that isn’t familiar w/ multisite setups. plus, it’s obvious u do things with detail and if u knew of a name or two, it would be someone that knew their stuff.

    thanks again

    no rush….the nerve of some people! 🙂

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    I just wanted to release part of the stress so you can breath, LOL, but… May not wait weeks for the next version of the plugin, though…

    For the last two questions – I’m not sure what you mean with the #1, is this supposed to display something in the Toolbar, or in the window that opens when you click on the “f” ? Second, if you want to add anything to page header why not using the appropriate WordPress hook (‘wp_head’ should be fine) from your functions.php rather than editing core files ?

    For the #2 you should definitely visit Central Geek and talk to Louis, he should have plenty of good advices to share with you.

    yeah, it was crazy there for a few weeks or so! i just need to make this project work, that’s all. plus, when i start something i usually can’t stop until i’m done (good and bad trait from my late father).

    and if i have to wait a few more weeks for the final draft of the plugin, after what i’ve been through recently, that’s a walk in the park! lol

    re #1: yeah, when i click on the fb share and the window opens, it’s pulling a pic and posting from the site. to me, however, on the homepage it looks like it’s using the ‘about’ i have on the fb page and the pic, well, it’s a blank pic so i don’t know where that’s coming from. i’m already using a fb app to pull posts from fb to the site, not sure if that has anything to do with it, just trying to figure it out.

    but after doing a little research i read i can ‘force’ any fb share to use a pic of my choosing for the whole site, not a certain page, so that’s what i’m trying to do. right now, i’ll be pleased with using the site mascot.

    i.e., go to central geek and try sharing using your plugin addon and u’ll see that it’s pulling a pic to be posted to fb. try a few different pages. they’re all different because it’s trying to grab any pic from that page, correct? for me, i’d like pic be the ‘same pic’ each and every time. i just need to figure out ‘how?’ ;(

    re #2: i actually came across that site sometime in the past, there wasn’t much activity, but from i recall the person who was writing said he was the guy to talk to. so, when i get to that point, i will talk to him. btw, he’s got stuff about ur toolbar on the site, do u have working relations with him? just curious.


    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    #1, I just googled and found out that I could link to those “sharers” via a simple URL on an icon. I honestly don’t know how they work! It doesn’t seem to be related with the Open Graph protocol you attempt to use. For me it seems to pull the first pic in the post, not sure if this is what you observe too ?

    I’ve also found some info on how to add counts (from these networks API) but this requires Javascript in the frontend, that WPS Toolbar doesn’t use, so it will likely go in a dedicated plugin, if I ever make something out of this info.

    #2 on Central Geek you will find a lot of expertise, esp. regarding WP Multisites, he’s the WPMS expert of our team. And yes, we’ve worked in tandem on this plugin.

    It appears I’ve finished what I wanted to put in next release, apart from what’s in this topic. So if you’re happy with this feature as it is now, I could switch to “feature freeze” as they say, and the usual regression tests phase before releasing in a few days ?

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