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  • Hi folks, here I’ll post all my needs and suggestions that came up while using the amazing WordPress.

    Here I go:

    1) Posts Edit:
    In the post edit list at the column data it should show also the time that the post was created. Some times I duplicate posts, and it would be a useful info to know what is the newer and so on;

    2) Search filter:
    We would have a dropdown list to pick where we want to act the search, so we would have 7 options in the dropdown. They would be… Perform search only within: tags, categories, title, post, author, comments, or all them.

    3) Coming soon…

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  • 3) Widget Text (Hide/Show checkbox):
    The Widget texts should have a checkbox to opt to hide or show the title. So, we would type the tittle and select hide, just to get to name the text widgets and get stuffs more organized and recognize easily what is about a certain text widget.

    4) coming soon…

    4) The Smiley on Your Blog:
    Regarding the stats way to track, It would have an option to opt to show the smile (g.gif) or a blank gif (b.gif)

    5) coming soon…

    5) Editing Image (WYSIWYG):
    Now a days when we click on an image to edit it in the VISUAL way, we don’t get to replace the image for a new one. It would be cool when we edit an image to get to read a new file to replace the existing/actual one.

    6) Adding image (Midia files):
    a) In the ‘midia files’ it just shows 10 images at once, but in my monitor I would get to see 19 at once. So, I suggest to put a dropdown menu to user get to select to show from 10-20 images per page.

    b) Besides that we would also have an option to show not only as a rows (list), but would show as thumbnails (Side by side) to fit more at once per page.

    7) coming soon…

    7) Replying comments:
    If we click on the link reply to reply comments, it should automatically understand that the comment was approved. So, if I reply a comment waiting for approval, it should change the status as approved when submitting the reply.

    8) coming soon…

    8) Editing comments:
    When we edit a comment, it would be interesting to get to move (cutting) from one post to another post (pasting).

    9) coming soon…

    9) WP Stats:
    It would be amazing if we would get to add notes for each date and when we mouseover on the date number or on the “knot/Anchor point”, it would show up a tooltip with the note we have written for the specific date. Why? Well, if I had taken some action, like sending a mailing, published some campaign, and so on, I would add this note, and in the future by mousing over the knot/date or by checking the table, I would check what I’ve done in that day and would figure better why I had that visit improvement that day. ;0) So, we would have some place also to view the table with some columns like that:

    Date | Views | Notes “actions taken”|.

    10) coming soon…

    Can I append an extra idea here?

    10) Add include/exclude GUI option to [gallery] tag
    Wordpress 2.9 has support option ‘include’ and ‘exclude’, yet it lacks a GUI to make life easier for bloggers.

    Sure. You’re welcome once you’re following the organized way. :0)

    11) Add New Media
    When adding new media from Media menu, it should have an option to allow to add a media from an URL, and it would automatically save the image into our server and not just as a link, or put an option if want as a link or generate a file into the library. Once it done, would edit the image to crop the way we want and save it in the same file name or as a new file.

    12) Media files:
    It would be very useful if we had keywords and categories into the Media Files Library. When we have thousand of images it is so hard to find an image with no keywords and/or category.

    13) coming soon…

    13) Replying comments II:
    When we reply comments, it should have the the input field for date and time (month/date/year and hour/seconds) editable, so I don’t need to edit it later, I would do it all at once when replying if I want to change it on my reply. Please developers, add it. ;0)

    14) coming soon…

    Do the WordPress developers read it? Otherwise I won’t spend my time here. What is the best place to put these suggestions or is it better I give up spending my precious time?

    I’ve tried to post at “Ideas” but the link “let us know here” ( doesn’t work. There is no form to fill up. Any idea what is going on with this form? Was it deactivated?

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    A lot of your ideas are available via plugins. And yes, the devs read people’s wish lists, but is a better place (and yes, it works, you have to login first). I just added your Item #7

    1) Already exists, or rather, it shows date edited.

    2) (or try one of the many other search plugins)

    3) Widget Titles are up to whomever designs the widget. Some allow you to hide the title, other don’t. That said, your theme can allocate each widget it’s own DIV ID, which you can then customize via CSS to hide any widget titles you don’t want.

    4) Smilies … do you mean like post-icons like they have on some forums? I’m sure there’s a plugin for that (probably under ‘mood’ or something).

    5) Not that I know of, but I’d argue it’s a little out of scope for what WP is. That said, try a plugin:

    6) Adding 10 images at a time, unless you’re running a photo-blog, should be enough for anyone, otherwise you run the risk of overloading things. If you REALLY need intense gallery control, may I suggest which has a great WP plugin to cross-post?

    7) Replying to a comment should approve it… I dunno, I can see both sides, but that one I think would be a nice option under discussion settings. Agreed. And Submitted as an Idea to the Ideas side.

    8) Do you mean you want to split a comment into two comments? I suppose but … why?

    9) Try Google Analytics. There are a lot of stat plugins that do that these days.

    10) Plugins. maybe?

    11) Adding new media from a URL would lend the impression that WP was okay with people using unlicensed media. Heck, given how many people here think hotlinking is okay, I wouldn’t be shocked to find out people don’t know that just because an image is on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s ‘free’ or up for ‘fair use’.

    12) If you put the keywords in your description (or alt text) it works.

    13) Why would you want to edit a comment’s time? Sorry, I can’t come up with a reason why that’s okay or needed.

    Hey Ipstenu, thanks a lot for your time and reply. Here are some feedback.

    1) Yup, it shows the data edited, but when you have more than one duplicated, you don’t get to know which one is newer. Now I have changed the layout of the Admin area with the “Admin drop down menu” plug-in, and it seems to be better to identify. But, it should be improved anyway as WP default;

    2) Yup, I have tried several of them, but didn’t get to find any one that fits for this simple request that should come as default feature in WP that would perform the search only within: tags, categories, title, post, author, comments, or all them through a selectable dropdown list next to date and categories filter/dropdown lists;

    3) Maybe you didn’t get the point. If you go to your widgets admin page, and you have a bunch of “text” widgets in your side bar with codes, all them are with the title empty to doesn’t show up in the back-end, so, it’s hard to know, what is each code placed into the text widget related to. So, it would be easier to recognize what is this code related to if I would give it a name in the title and select HIDE. ;0)

    4) Nope, I mean that little face “:)” that is in WP footer that WP uses to track some data. So, it would have a way to replace by a transparent gif.

    5) I’ll check all them out when I get a free time. ;0) Anyway, let’s remain the request. :0)

    6) Nope, I’m talking about adding in posts, I talking about showing what we have in the media library on the screen, so just to increase the preview number of thumbnails to be shown at once.

    7) Thanks. I still don’t get to post over there. I’ve tried with IE8 and Mozilla 3.5.6 and both didn’t work! I get to log-in, but the forms doesn’t show up for me. Pretty weird. What browser are you using to fill it up?

    8) I have no idea what I thought that day when I post it. Neither do I get to understand what I meant. Maybe some drag&drop stuff. :0)

    9) Yup, I use it, but it is a different request for it specific WP plugin/statistics.

    10) I didn’t understand this user request. :o( Lets skip this one. :0)

    11) I see your point. Yup, I work with iStockphoto and I know what you mean. Some guys think that Royalty-Free is the same as FREE or don’t know about Copyright. ;0)

    12) Thanks for the tip buddy, I didn’t know that. It makes thinks easier. Now I just need to no be lazy to fill all them up. :0)

    13) Let’me try to explain it to you. If you DON’T have your comments Enabled as threaded (nested) comments [X] levels deep, when you reply a comment, it follows the date and time, so if you want to give a feedback right below the comment from a visitor you have to edit the time and date of your reply right after your visitor comment and before your next visitor comment. Did you get what I mean?

    Thanks once again for your time and feedback. I really appreciated that.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    The thing you need to remember about WordPress is that when there’s a plugin that does the job, it’s very unlikely WP will ever include it as a built-in feature. It’s just now how it works.

    There’s also something to be said about simplicity. The more OPTIONS you put in, the steeper the learning curve for the product becomes, and the less attainable usability is for the newer users. WordPress ‘sells’ itself on being easy. You have to make a line in the sand to keep that balance between power-users and new-users manageable. WordPress decided at some point to allow for plugins. Power User can add plugins and design their blog to be as hard-core as they need. Newbies? They get the basics and are happy.

    Less is more 🙂

    None of this is to say you’re not raising valid points, but that I highly doubt they’ll end up in CORE WordPress. Certainly not for WP 3.0, probably not for WP 4.0 unless scope changes drastically.

    1) Post Edit: Hmm. Interesting. I’m torn on that one, since logically they show up in ‘last update order’ so newest is on top, but … Eh. I’d say better practice would be not to reuse titles, but that’s not always feasible. I can see the need for this as a plugin. For most users, they don’t need that functionality, but some might.

    2) Custom Search: Not even this one? Looks good to me…

    3) Hide Widget Titles: Unless you’re saying you want to hide the display of widget titles on the ADMIN side (rather than have an option on the admin side to hide the display of widget titles on the website front end) I got the point. Mine was that while there isn’t an admin function to do it, but it can be worked around. Of course, this plugin looks like it does what you want: (BTW, that took me ONE google search for ‘wordpress hide widget title’ and it was on the first page)

    4) The Smiley: The smiley face is in your theme. Which is to say, it ain’t in mine, so I know it can be removed. If it can be removed, it can be changed.

    6) Adding Images: Ah, specifying which screen you’re talking about does matter 🙂 That would probably expand load times. It would be nice to have it changeable, but then you just get too many options and newbies would be more confused. I’m pretty sure there are some gallery plugins that could do this. I don’t use WP to add more than 1 or 2 images a post, so I have no practical knowledge on this one.

    7) Adding Ideas: Answered in your other post

    9) Stats: There are plugins that do this. INCLUDING a stats plugin that is as good as WP will get with this. It won’t be built in any time soon, so find the plugin you like best and carry on 🙂

    13) Changing Comment Time: I would say that you should use nested comments. Changing the Date/Time in order to FORCE that functionality is just a hack to get around an existing fix. Heck, you could even use nested comments and, via your design, make it show up as inline (that is, not indented) comments, so the general user never knows. It also keeps you honest, when you reply to a comment three months later 🙂 This already can work AS IS, via design and built in settings, so I’d think changing the code is overkill.

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