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  • Hello everyone
    Sorry if this topic isnt in the right section. I want your help and ideas on a website building and how to build it. My thought is to make a website where users register, have their own profile and can upload their own audio. Then a visitor or the user can browse other user audio and rate it-comment. Also to have the possibility to add ranks for the most rated users. Is something like this possible to do with WP? Or is better to use another platform?

    Looking forward for any help! Thanks!

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  • Through plugins, all you want is possible. I can’t guarantee the plugins will always play nice with each other, though.

    Any advice of what plugins i ll need or search for? I saw that there is a joomla plugin called music collection.. Is there a similar one?

    You’re site sounds user-heavy. User Access Manager is a plugin that restricts content to specific users. If I were you, I would stick with WordPress, but I would do research into various plugins that would help you. Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the response!
    Yeah, it is user-heavy. Imagine that all the content of the site will be build by users. I ll search for the plugin you recommend. The problem is that i am lost in the million plugins existing. Can you give me any tip for Name/Keywords for plugins to search for?


    P.S. I want to stick with WP also because its the only i m familiar

    WP is a great choice. The name of the plugin is exactly “User Access Manager”. I have great results searching Google for plugins: “User access manager wordpress plugin”.

    Ok Shaan! Thanks a lot for the help! Glad for any other help!

    Friendly John

    No problem

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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