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  • Hi, I am already very confused as I am typing this thread out. Please forgive me if my query is a little too difficult to understand.

    I have an existing Real Estate Site that I intend to move 100% into WordPress. The existing site has one backend for listings and another blog section for reviews.

    You can probably see why I have decided to make the move to a full WordPress powered site. Maintaining both ends of the site is both tedious & cumbersome.

    I have read and understood Custom Post Types & Custom Taxonomies and how they work. I am rather excited about implementing them. However there is some content I am finding difficult to organise.

    • An existing database table of about 4,000 Condominium Projects

    Each entry in the Condominiums table has some “bio-data” like Year Completed, No. of Units, Facilities, Amenities etc.

    Currently each listing in my site has an ajax query that fetches information from this table on demand.

    In the new site, I intend to have a link to the respective condominium in each property listing.
    This link should display information about the specific condo and display ‘results’ of matching listings.

    Also, some condos have long article reviews done for them. In my current site, these reviews are displayed in the blog section. Separated altogether.

    So here’s my question.

    How would I connect everything together. A duplicate perhaps? Taxonomy & Post for each condo? That will mean over 3,000 unique entries. Wouldn’t that be an “overkill”?

    If it is a taxonomy, the link will probably display all posts (listings) that have that condo name. But it wouldn’t link to an actual page of either it’s review or bio-data.

    Any thoughts will be very much appreciated… Please feel free to ask if I have missed out any vital information!

    Thanks in advance

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