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    Just a few ideas for forum improvements.

    Being able to mark a topic as resolved is nice. Maybe a customized search could be created or option added to existing search “search for only resolved threads” to help people find solutions.

    Unanswered threads – Also similar to that idea is you could also offer a quick link or way to show a search for only unresolved threads or topics with no reply. Current I dont think there is an easy way to do this. Its a common feature in forum ui because it helps people who are there to help find threads faster they think they can assist with by scanning the list of topics.

    Also I have seen a lot of sites adopting the ability to highlight a particular post as ‘the answer’.

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    search for only resolved threads

    I wouldn’t count on people marking threads resolved, it’s really inconsistent. I’m just thinking if people search for say ‘How to move image!” and select a “resolved” filter, they may assume that all unresolved threads are infact unresolved. Unresolved threads can actually be resolved without being marked so.

    Unanswered threads

    Scroll to the bottom of this page and look for the ‘No Replies’ fitler.



    Thanks for pointing out that those links are there.. I had not seen them, they kind of blend into the ui. I like to check those views to more quickly see if I can find threads to contribute to.

    My only suggestion then is to make those forum view links more prominently visible. Copy them to the top of that same table or creating a bullet point list near the getting started resources… or make them bigger.

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