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  • Hi Jeremy,

    I’m a sociologist by education and focus on psychology as personal passion and for my work.
    Recently I’m getting deep into psychology applied to business, here are a few ideas for you to improve conversions and make your customers happier and more successful:

    1. Make one option stand out:


    It focuses attention on one option and it provides a “social reinforcement” that most others also choose that option.

    2. Make one single button:


    Right now there is some sort of cannibalization going on.
    The call to action should be one.

    3. Make plan font size big and price smaller:


    People perceive differences not just rationally and numerically but visually as well (possibly more visually than rationally).

    Making the plan name bigger / brighter and the price smaller will make our value stand ou.

    4. Remove “every month”:


    “every month” sounds like an exacting taxman infringe on our financial privacy.
    Write instead with this format X/month

    5. Make the currency smaller:


    The “pain to pay” is an important effect that stop people from payin and we associate it with currency simbols.
    Remove the currency sign altogether or make it smaller.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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