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  • First, what a great plugin this seems to be. I’ve used Codestyling Localization before, but since that plugin is abandoned, I searched for an alternative and found yours. Best of all things is that I can edit my translations when they are stored in the wp-content/languages folder for safe plugin updates without losing my translations. This was not possible for codestyling…

    Anyways, I had trouble translating my child theme with version 1.4.4. I downloaded the development version 1.4.5 and now it works better.

    Some Ideas to improve you plugin even more:

    • 1. Add source code references. Just as poedit does, show which files the source code is in. Either in a column or when you hover the source text perhaps.
    • 2. Add pagination. It would be good to limit strings per page. When a .po file has too many strings, the plugin is kinda slow. When I’m translating WooCommerce for instance, around 350 strings, it’s kinda slow, and I’m using a pretty fast pc with chrome. I can only imagine how it would be on an older computer.
    • 3. Add a simple clear button inside ‘Filter translations’ search. A minor but useful function.
    • 4. Add an option to always save inside wp-content/languages folder for plugins and themes. No more support questions like: -I’ve updated my plugin, now my translation is missing, what the heck!
      Or you could just simply explain this after the text “create in global languages directory” why you should use that option.
    • 5. Add an option to batch delete translations. To tidy up those translation not it use, and only have your own language shown. Even better would be to have, in settings, your preferred language and only show these on the “manage translations” list.

    That’s it for now! Btw do you want me to translate your plugin into swedish, I’m up for it 😉


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  • Plugin Author timwhitlock


    Thanks for the comments.

    Out of interest, what was it that was a problem with child themes? I’d like to ensure that whatever I fixed stays fixed.

    1. References, yes. They are supported internally by Loco but I need (as you suggest) to create some UI for displaying them. On the list.

    2. I’d prefer to improve the editor’s performance than add pagination. The full Loco system uses the same editor and some users have as many as 5,000 strings. I will be looking into this.

    3. I’ll be adding the same one that you see here:

    4. Batch deletion is done by removing the strings from source code and running sync. This removes all redundant strings. I accept though that sometimes syncing to source code isn’t practical. I’ll give it some thought – thanks.

    Thanks for the offer of Swedish translations. If you email them to support-wp at I will gladly use them and give you a credit.

    I’ve emailed the Swedish translation 😉

    The child theme, I think there was a problem to inherit the parent theme locale and syncing both theme strings, but I don’t remember.

    5. What I meant by batch delete, was the packages. For instance, I only need to show all the sv_SE (Swedish) packages, not anything else. If you have 20 plugins or more, and every plugin has 10 language packages, there will be a pretty long list… So if you could have an option to only show you preferred language it would be great! Just an idea.

    Here are some more ideas:

    6. Markup trailing spaces. It’s not easy to see trailing spaces otherwise.

    7. Add Button to copy source text to translation. To speed up the translating process.

    8. Add Button to filter Non-translated strings. To speed up the translating process.

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