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  • Hi just a silly thought.

    There are lots of nice designs out there but for some of us making our own theme is just not that easy.

    Widgets seam to be the solution. The theme could be all widgets.

    On the main widget page you set your parameters (select screen size)

    Then you start placing the filler of the page:
    – Background picture
    – Header text/picture
    – Blog area
    – Sidebar(s) to the left and right of the blog area
    – Menu lines (dropdowns?)
    – Footer text/functionality

    Once alle this is saved you click the part to configure:
    – Background, to choose background picture
    – Header to configure the area og the header, round/square corners, picture and text
    – Blog area, width, number of headlines on one page, catagories that is to be omittet from the frontpage.
    – Sidebars (1 or more) just as they are today is fine with me
    – Menu line between header and blog area, configuration of buttons and number of buttons.
    – Footer text and such.

    Is this possibel at all?


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  • How about turning the sidebar “sideways”? Putting as a horizontal bar underneath the header image and above your posts, complete with multi-level dropdown menus for subcategories or displaying links to external pages with a multi-level format?

    This is already being worked on by the kind folks over at Canvas. Check out the project here:

    Not a silly thought at all! Thanks monkeypup for pointing out Canvas. We’re hopeful that our project can help ease some headaches for many people! The beta testing folks are getting the official release right now, and the floodgates should be open within the week.

    Canvas will address all of the ideas mentioned above, bringing non-technical, drag and drop layout management to WP. We’re always looking for theme and plugin developers – any contributions you can make would be awesome! If you’re interested in helping out, shoot me an email: my nickname at freshpursuits dot com.

    Here’s an update to that url:

    Head on over and check out the site. If you’re not on the beta list, leave us some info. You should be able to download Canvas within a week!

    Wow! Canvas looks amazing coming from someone who struggles to implement php and js into my existing theme. Perhaps I could contirbute some image packs for headers? I may not be able to code, however I can draw. I’ll be in touch Karsten.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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