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  • Something I would really like to see as a plugin for wordpress is a plugin to allow a mailing list to be run.
    Would only need to be a simple, and i think it would be easy to make.
    There are many stand alone mailing list packages, but it would be cool if there was a plugin that would allow the mailing list to be integrated as part of wordpress admin interface.

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  • Daisyhead


    Duh. If I wasn’t so tired, I would have been able to figure that out on my own. Thanks so much. Downloading the updated version as we speak. Er, type.



    Thanks so much for all your help Skippy!

    I’ve just finish to make a mailing-list plugin

    The plugin add a “write mail” page to send mails in the post menu and a “Mailing-list” page in the edit menu to add users.
    It also creates a mailing-list table in the database to manage the mailing-list users.

    Maybe you can give me suggestion to improve it.



    How can you go about putting the “add new user” form to a page not in the admin-tool? Meaning an “add to newsletter” form in either a post or page.

    In fact, it works like an address book where you can send mails with en attach file.
    I will work on a newsletter like subscribe2 next week.



    @skippy Does it send an email per post or at pre-defined intervals like once per day(with all the new posts)?




    angsuman: sorry for the late reply. subscribe2 sends one email per new post. It does not do any notification queueing.

    The last version (2.0) of Mailing-List is aviable. In this version, you have a subscription page : subscribe.php and you can enable or disable the newsletter which sends a notification when news posts are added.

    You can download Mailing-list 2.0 here

    You have to uninstall the previous version by deleting ml-posts.php and ml-users.php in the wp-admin directory.

    I don’t speak english very well because I am french. So, I’m not sure that the sentences in the plugin are right and I ask you to tell me if these are wrong.

    I have corrected some bugs and I have used the translation system with .po files.
    You can download this version 2.1 here

    I just downloaded this plugin…I put the mailing-list.php file in the plugin file…where does the subscribe.php file go? Wp-admin? How do I use it (as in…how do my users access the form to subscribe?)…thanks…

    You have to put the subscribe.php on the root of your blog.

    Great plugin Magic! Love it!

    Couple of things though

    First off an error, The plugin still works with the error, but still…. I’ll write it out verbatim
    Line: 458
    Char: 5
    Error: Object required
    Code: 0

    Second thing,
    Is there anyway to hide all of the email addresses in the generated email? For the site I installed the plugin on it’s OK to show all of the addies in the sent email, but for some of my more public sites I don’t necessarily want to divulge that info. I know it’s possible somehow becaues GeekLog’s default mailing list can send emails site wide, but not display everyone’s addie.




    My subscribe2 plugin sends mail to subscribers as BCC recipients, which protects individual recipients from obtaining addresses of other subscribers.

    I’m sure MagicG’s plugin could be easily modified to use the same approach.

    I’m using the subscribe2 plugin on another site and it works beautifully. Very simple. I like the admin side of MagicG’s better… if the two could be combined…

    Anybody yet have a mailing list plugin that allows users to subscribe to a daily or weekly digest instead of being notified every time a post is made?

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 40 total)
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