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  • is wordpress based site. The intention of this site is to recognize people for their talent & strengths in various fields (from politics to fashion). This site requires login. I have created a test login to have a look around & give your precious opinion on how to make this site easy & useful.

    password: test

    I request you to not change the the password.

    Thanks for your time.

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  • urgh urgh…. a login? To be really honest if you want people to come to the site you need to take the login off. It’s better if you give us the option to sign up to you or not. We need a taste of the site befoer we go signing up to stuff.

    Why do you want your visiors to login?

    I agree with you & I am looking into options to allow users to have a look without login. This site has a rating feature for posts & the rating is tracked by user login.

    I am thinking of how to allow access to logged in & non-logged in users. Thanks for your time.

    I can help you there, you can have ratings without a login, what you need to do is install the wp-ratings plugin:

    Though for now, if you have your rating set up, maybe you can find a way to change that without a login required.

    No problem, and good luck 🙂

    Hi fechtech,

    I have given guest access for everybody. There is a link on the homepage for “Guess Access”. Since the rating is tracked by username, I have disabled rating for guest user.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Just from a reader’s perspective, I went on the site, and the first thing I noticed was a grammatical error(newspaper is one word). There were also others. No offense, but you might lose some subscribers that way.

    Also, you might want to preview what they’re signing up for, maybe a screenshot. Make them want to join. Instead of writing a lot, focus on the main points and reel them in. One example would be to make the first sentence “Where the News is You” and ask questions, like, “Are you a fashion icon? A financial expert?….” etc. then you want to join this site. I guess it’s pretty obvious I work in marketing.(:

    Then, once you go through the process of joining, it’s hard to tell what you’re supposed to do next…

    Thank you for valuable inputs. I am right away starting to modify as per your suggestion.

    lamichela, I have taken care of almost all of your suggestions..Please have a look. Only thing I might need to improve on is the grammar.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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