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  • I really would LOVE to love this plugin.
    All I wanted was a way to display one of my icloud calendars to the web. Sorry, but I don’t like company rivalry screwing up my life. Apple and Google have done that. Google quit the sync program and Apple can’t seem to understand that people have lives outside Apple.
    Anyway, the ics link doesn’t import. It says no events found.
    Google to All in One worked.
    I tried to sync icloud calendar to google calendar, and got a txt crawler error.
    I tried to sync icloud calendar to yahoo calendar, and it worked perfectly.
    So I synced yahoo with google and my icloud events were missing. Like they won’t allow a sync of a sync.
    I synced yahoo with all in one and the same problem. I see directly placed yahoo and google events, but not the icloud calendar events.
    I tried changing the webcal to https and it didn’t work either.

    I love the look and feel of this plugin. But if it won’t work with icloud, then it’s not a good option for me.
    I don’t understand the problem either.
    Other calendars, which I don’t like, can do this just fine.
    Localendar works fine
    AMR ical works fine
    Calpress works okay except the times are off by 8 hours, like it doesn’t parse the time zone properly.

    Come on all in one! Get icloud calendar feed to work and you’ll have a great plugin!

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