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    Inside my posting I have an iframe. This iframe suffers from the famous HTML 5 problem, of not letting itself be coerced into showing a horizontal scroll-bar, and as a result, the embedded contents get cut off. My postings column can maximally be 600 pixels wide, but the content needs to extend much farther (wider).

    I was hoping that your plugin might help me solve this problem, but have not been able to get this to work. As always, I can get vertical scroll-bars but not horizontal ones. I did try not specifying any Height within your plugin settings for the selector, only selecting a Width, but this did not seem to have any effect.

    Another user asked you the same question, but then for some reason, his thread was marked resolved, with no sign anywhere, of how that was resolved.

    How does that get resolved?


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  • I have succeeded in getting the iframe to scroll horizontally, brilliantly, using your plugin! And, I will share with the rest of the world, how I did so.

    There are some details in the basic usage of the plugin, which were not obvious from the video, but which are critical to getting it to work.

    1) It is not into the Name-field of the scroll-bar that we paste the CSS selector, but into the data field of the same scroll-bar’s settings. One of the first fields of settings, is the one that receives the Selector. Being able to use our browser’s Inspect Elements feature will not be useful, until the blogger knows where to paste the selector.

    2) If our browser-DOM-inspection-feature shows us a complex, built-up selector, we should not be shy to paste the whole thing in, with the # and everything.

    3) Indeed, if what we want is horizontal scrolling, it is best to leave the Height setting blank, as described. (Not zero, blank.)

    4) The Width setting should not be the width the element gets shrunk down to, but the oversized width, which we’d like to be able to scroll out to, that goes beyond what our blog can normally show – in my case 1000 pixels and not 600 or 450.

    5) With some Themes like mine, the new scroll-bar that results will not appear inside the column, where my postings reside, but rather on the browser window itself. I.e., the embedded iframe breaks out of the postings column now, but using the newly-displayed browser-scroll-bar, I can scroll sideways to the right anyway, to view all that text that broke the format.

    And, even though some bloggers might be angry, that their horizontal scroll-bars don’t stay inside the column reserved for most postings, I find that this result suits me fine, and am now fully-satisfied with your plugin. Thank you!


    Sorry to post to my own thread again.

    As it turns out, there was more of a substantial reason, why I was not able to get the iframe to scroll horizontally.

    First of all, it was an httpS: URL. Therefore, such CSS options as white-space: nowrap become meaningless, as well as perhaps others.

    Secondly, this embedded URL originated as a server-script, that was meant to be embedded, but that was also running much JavaScript of its own, designed to detect the size of the window being displayed in. Thus, no sooner had new dimensions been applied to the window, as the Scripts would reformat the HTML.

    Thirdly, I had script-blockers running, which prevented those scripts from doing their jobs properly, and updating the actual content of the iframe.

    I’m sure by now that if that iframe had just consisted of static HTML, it could also very easily have received a horizontal scrollbar.

    Further, I still hope that this plugin will be useful to me at some time in the future.


    Plugin Author miunosoft


    Glad to hear you sorted it out. Enjoy!

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