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  • WPMovieLibrary lacks the ability to add TV shows. Outside of that, I can’t find any reason to hate it.

    So, unfortunately for the lack of a TV show feature, I reluctantly give it 3 shiny stars.

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  • That’s a bit unfair considering the plugin is called WPMovieLibrary and not WPTVshowLibrary; basically you’re downvoting a plugin because it doesn’t do what it’s not supposed to do 😉

    That being said, TVshows are something I do want to make available; the thing is, it’s a more complex thing than movies: instead of one single content (the movie) and its set of metadata, with TVshows you have three different contents. The show itself, a variable number of seasons, and potentially a lot of episodes, each of these with its own set of metadata. That’s a lot of data to structurate.

    This require a bit of thinking before even starting to work on it, let alone including it as a feature in a plugin meant for movies… I’ll probably have to release a dedicated plugin for that, once I’m done with the main stuff on WPMovieLibrary. I’ll blog about this at some point in a more thorough way on the plugin’s development blog to ask for user feedback!

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    Its completely fair. Is a coffee table ONLY for coffee cups, or is it suitable for magazines and knick-knackery too? 😉

    As free plugins go, yours is the best I’ve seen in this category. So, I am not knocking it… just constructively criticizing it. 🙂

    Let me ask you this. If I import Batman (1989), does your plugin also automatically import all the sequels and reboots? I ask because maybe your coming at it from the wrong direction.

    There is already an IMDb and TMDb. There really isn’t room for more competing movie/TV show databases. So niche sites would make most sense. So, that being said, why would TV shows need all the extra bells and whistles? Wouldn’t the show and seasons, as seen on the TMDb site be enough?

    If you are into slaving over two plugins, more power to you. Me. I got “old,” had a heart attack and bypass surgery. I don’t do website development anymore.

    IMHO, you already have the backend there. No point in reinventing the wheel. Besides, sometimes less is more. 😉

    If we’re to stick with the coffee metaphor, you sure can use a coffee table to pile up magazines, but you probably won’t expect your Nespresso machine to make Irish coffee out of the box 😉

    This really is my deep feeling about this: people asking for a feature is not a problem, at all. Requests and insights are always and truly welcomed! But people expecting a feature they should not be expecting means I may not be clear enough on the purpose of this plugin, and that’s a problem for me 😉 I built this plugin because I needed a tool to manage my movie collection; TVshows were never an option for me because I simply wouldn’t use it. I get quite a few even-friendly comments regularly about that “lack” and it still puzzles me to see how some people genuinely expect a feature that, to me, wouldn’t even come to mind.

    But I get your point, and now that people are asking for it I’ll try to do my best to build something nice too; I just can’t help that feeling that some people are confused about what this plugin is really about, and your comment just happened to “crystalize” that feeling 🙂 But that’s also something I’ll address on a blog note when I have some time.

    Anyways, thanks for your kind words and all my wishes of good health to you!

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