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  • After just reading confirmation that Gutenberg will ship with WP 5.0, I’m at a loss. This editor is two steps back from TinyMCE. It takes WordPress from being a powerful CMS and turns it into your mom’s blogging platform.

    Where to start…

    How should a client who has content proofed, styled, and edited in a Word document paste this into Gutenberg? Oh… they can’t.

    How should a client who has no real WP experience react when the editor that resembles MS Word… the one they have been used to since the beginning of computers has been turned into some weird, complicated, and pointless visual editor?

    How should a client react when they find out what used to take them a few minutes to do now takes them an hour? How should they react when what used to be a single click now becomes a task?

    Why should a plugin or theme developer spend the time to re-write their hard work to be compatible with this downgrade?

    Taking away the fact that almost every WordPress site has custom metaboxes, additional CSS styles or custom buttons for the editor, or plugins/themes that have customized admin interfaces… who actually thinks this editor cluttered with boxes, arrows, and trash cans is better than something customizable and still familiar? Almost everyone is comfortable with Word or a similar editor – so your idea of making improvements is to just drop that all together and make it complicated for people who have been using WP as a CMS for years?

    I guess user experience doesn’t matter to the WP team if they actually think this is an improvement. Is corporate interests taking control of core? I can honestly say that if this becomes the default editor and there is no way to revert back to what it currently is, then I will stop using WordPress for client sites all together.

    Not a single one of my clients would be comfortable using this editor. I can already hear my clients complaining when the 5.0 update breaks their entire site and everything we have been building for years. I do not have the time to teach courses on how to import content into the newly broken admin system. I do not have time to re-write all my themes and plugins in order to make them compatible with some rip off Visual Composer like editor – especially one that is far far inferior.

    I use multiple TinyMCE editors on a few different post types – how will those be handled? Oh… they won’t, because no actual thought has been put into why this change is being made. What about product post types that don’t need the editor? What about post types with custom meta boxes that are way more important than the editor and should be placed at the top of the page for a better UX?

    Honestly, I could go on and on about why this is bad for WP, but it’s not worth my time anymore. I just wanted to show my hatred for this thing. It’s really really really bad. Please stop development on this and focus on more important things. Please don’t go against what a majority of your theme and plugin developers want.

    Updated review: Gutenshit. This “feature” is still a horrible decision. Working on moving over 100 sites away from WordPress now that no consideration has been given to the development of this editor. I didn’t realize personal bloggers were still the main user of WordPress but I guess that’s what the dev team thinks. On top of that, it’s not even ADA compliant.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    First, thanks for your review, all feedback matters and is listened to. The fact is, 5.0 isn’t shipping right now, it will ship when Gutenberg is ready. It’s not ready now and that’s something to consider in mind when looking at the project.

    There isn’t a plan to enforce re-writing on theme/plugin developers either. At this point it’s about finding the ways graceful changes can be made. There’s a lot of awesome discussion what meta boxes have happen regarding this to, drilling down. These are being had open in the community and I’d encourage you to be part of that amazing conversation. Solutions will come from the community as this is an open source project. is the specific meta box issue.

    I wanted to note that user experience is super important. Personally that’s my area of focus in life and I just wanted to respond to that. It’s hard to create an experience for all the users, in reality you have to create one for as many as you can. You have to create an experience that doesn’t for those it’s not optimal cause stress. If everyone is honest, WP at this point causes stress for many users. It’s a huge issue and one Gutenberg begins to start fixing.

    Again though, all feedback matters and as the project grows will shape it. Thank you and maybe in a few versions you can try it again and see the progress made – it’s moving super fast.

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