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  • May be it’s a beginner question :

    I didn’t understand how to name the ID class to customize pixgridder’s columns

    For example :
    If i want to modify width wich name i have to choose (I saw a lot of names in the css, and i am lost)
    is it {.pix_builder_column } ?

    And if i do it for one colum, i have to do it for all others, or it will be automatic width ?

    for height, or background color

    Of course if the answer is somewhere and i didn’t see, don’t take time to explain again, just let me see the link

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  • Plugin Author manuelmasia


    I think you have to learn a little about how CSS IDs and classes work. After learning that everything will seem clearer:

    Manuel 🙂

    Thank Manuel,

    Yes of course, probably, but I have to speak and understand english better before 🙂
    I use this in dreamweaver CS6.
    But i am lost as soon as the “magic” box to modify ID and Class CSS in editor pixgridder 🙂

    My question is surely bad written. I try again.

    Your (magic) pixgridder plugin permit to modify Classes with two cases when i clic on the symbol </>, a windows opens : ID + Class

    My question is :
    If i want to modify something (for example : width) with your editor , i presume i have tu use the exact ID name you created and not have to create one ?

    So when i open the pixgridder/css/gridder.css
    I am looking for the ID to use the good one to modify width
    Probably the mistake is here ?

    Well may be i have to call Father Cristmas to get a new intelligence system in my head 😉

    Maybe i must write what i have done

    1/ I opened the windows from </>
    2/ I wrote the ID : #pix_builder_column
    3/ I wrote rhe class { width: 150;}

    I also tried
    1/ I opened the windows from </>
    2/ I wrote the ID : #pix_section_builder[data-cols=”3″] .pix_builder_column[data-col=”1″]
    3/ I wrote rhe class { width: 150;}

    But nothing moved
    So i Pesume i didn’t choose the right ID

    Plugin Author manuelmasia


    I’m sorry Bernfrance, but, as I wrote, you should learn a little bit how CSS work. The things you wrote don’t make sense 🙂

    You have to decide an ID, something decided by you, for instace: bern_id (without hashtag). The ID can’t be use more than once on the same page, so you have to assign it to a particular element different from the other ones.

    If you want to assign the same style properties to many elements on the same page, in this case use a class, and also in this case you can adopt the word you prefer, for instance ma-class-en-css (always no empty space and latin characters).

    After that you have to assign some properties to those IDs and classes, but you have to do that by using a stylesheet (the Pro version of PixGridder provides a CSS compiler, but for the free version you have to use the files available on your theme) and type on this file:

    #bern_id {
    width: 150px;


    .ma-class-en-css {
    width: 150px;

    I think you’ll find some documentation in french too 🙂

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