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  • Hi everyone:

    I started blogging with b2, the predecessor to wordpress. Then I switched to wordpress because it looked more versatile, which it certainly is. I’ve already moved from my first theme to this second theme, which is doing all that I want it to. I realise though that many sites tend toward the minimalistic and wondered what other INTJs think about my site: I’d really appreciate receiving feedback.



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  • INTP here…

    I like the color scheme. The site as a whole looks a bit messy. I’d ditch the flower pattern in the sidebar. It’s very distracting and it’s not seamless. I think I’d move all the content over to the right, put a wrapper div around the whole thing, and then put in a solid color background in the green or pink. I’d also get rid of the green horizontal lines that are all over the place. It’s really distracting and my eyes keep dancing all over the place. Maybe just have one sidebar and make the entries wider with a larger font.

    I hope some of that is helpful!

    Another INTP…

    There is a whole lot going on here, and I find it hard to read. The green type is especially difficult. I would agree with just about all of the above comments.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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