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  • Hello, I’m relatively new to WP and found “Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu” and excellent and more functional menu option that the original WP-Admin Menu.

    My issue is with Icons, but want to first make some comments.

    So far I would like to comment, that it removes “AG Custom Admin (AG-CA) 1.4.” Admin Menu Tab. Just wondering if it is purposely or accidentally! This wasn’t such a bad thing as this PlugIn provides excellent functions that surpasses AG-CA.


    Can someone point me out hoe to edit Icons?


    Menus should be able to stay on top while scrolling down.
    Just thoughts.
    Maybe I haven’t get to or found that functionality yet!


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  • AG Custom Admin is installed in the Tools menu, not Settings.

    For stay on top, use my plugin to this plugin.

    This is great, Thanks a lot! Just one observation.

    Background: I have not finished organizing all admin menus. The actual menu bar in the top spans 4 rows (without the Compact Mode). With the Compact Mode comes to two rows. I hope in being able to use not more than one row….. Hopefully! ;).

    Issue: Part of the menu overlaps the main screen. In both cases, the top scrolling (I will call, not sure if correctly) “Anchor Row” of the main screen is in the second row. In other words after the first main menu row.

    Question: Can this “Main Screen Anchor row” be dynamically adjusted to next row of the currently active menu bar?

    Well, looking back to my original post, I should have been slightly more clear. Here is my re-statement:


    I’m using “Menu Editor Pro.” Here I can relocate and change Icons. First tier menu icons are updated, however I have not found how to change Icons in the drop down menu items. Can someone point me out how to edit Icons of the drop down menu list?


    I’m having difficulty parsing the terminology. Can you provide screen grabs of the various situations, so we can see what you would like to do?

    I don’t see how I can embed images or any other kind of attachments here!
    The site link is, but the issue is in the administrative panel (back end). We can coordinate a phone conversation, remote session, or any other you think might help.

    Ok, I figured how you can get it. Use the following links:

    I hope it work!

    Thanks for your time so far, we deserve a beer!

    Ok, thanks for the screen shots. That’s a lot of icons.
    By any chance are you also running Admin Menus Fixed plugin?

    As far as changing the dropdown secondary icons, they are called in the Admin Drop Down Menu code and only include unique icons for default WordPress functions. All others use the cog.png. Would probably be a big project to modify them and I would guess that it would involve modifying the plugin code; which would then break when a new plugin version is released.

    I appreciate your time. In terms of the dropdown secondary icons, I agree that the tweak should be on Admin Drop Down Menu.

    I’m using “Admin Menu Editor Pro”, which allow me to reorganize, hide, show menus. It also allow me to assign my own icons, specially for those common “gears”. The icons I change works well with “WP-Admin-Menu”, but only on top levels menu options when using “Admin Drop Down Menu.” Seems that “Admin Drop Down Menu” uses WP-Admin-Menu structure for top levels menu, but not for “Dropdown secondary options.”

    In terms of your plugin, Yes, I’m running “Admin Menus Fixed” plugin and I like it. However, I would try to eliminate the overlapping with the main screen content at the top.

    Yes, the secondary menu icons do not and, as far as I know, cannot have unique icons per-entry. Plugins place their menu entries into the menus. With so many plugins, there is no way to be able to accommodate them all as being unique, so a generic icon is used.

    I figured that you were running Admin Menus Fixed, as the screen shot matched mine when I narrowed the browser window far enough to create the second level bar. I looked into trying to accommodate this, but there just isn’t a way that I can come up with that would be practical. It would require a bunch of code just to sense the wrap happening in these rare cases. The menu wrap happens, whether Admin Menus Fixed is running or not. It just scrolls with the page; having displaced the content section down when it happens. In order to have the menu bar fixed, a finite location needs to be specified in relation to the Toolbar. I could set a large offset to accommodate the wrap, but then it would be a useless empty area for the many users whose menu doesn’t wrap.

    Like I said, that’s a lot of icons in the main menu. I’m not even sure that that many entries would fit in the default WordPress vertical sidebar menu. What are all of those pushpins?

    Seeing as how you’re using a menu editor, I would suggest in this case, that it would be best to consolidate and group similar functioning menu entries into a few sub-menus and thereby trim the number of entries in the main menu, such that the wrap doesn’t happen. As a benefit, plugins and functions would be easier to find, as they would be pooled together according to their use.

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