• Hi.

    The sharing icons have suddenly dissappeared from my site (the Like buttons still display, as does the background image if enabled).

    The last thing I did to cause this was to change “Auto-space/center the bookmarks?” from SPACE to CENTRE (although changing it back doesn’t help.

    The icons DO display if I disable New Mode. but dissappear again if I enable it.

    I have not made any changes to my theme code or other plugins to cause this – and it all worked fine before I made the above single change.

    I have checked for the correct code lines in my header and footer files (as per your FAQ). I am not using a caching plugin, and I have tried refreshing my browser, different browser, etc.

    Help would be much appreciated.


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  • I’m having exactly the same problem on a client’s site. Either the Google+ and Twitter feed icons show but not the images for the main share buttons, or, when I disble New Mode, the share buttons appear and the Google+ and Witter Feed buttons disappear (both on Chrome and FF).
    I updated to the latest WP version (3.5.1) and the latest Shareaholic version.

    Any suggestions how to fix this?

    I look forward to a reply.

    Many thanks in advance.

    The same problem has happened to me. I installed and I have tried IE, Chrome and Google but it doesn’t work in any browser, and I have rolled back to the previous update but the icons persist it not showing. They have completely disappeared but I can see the “share and enjoy” tag.

    Does anyone have any answers?

    OK – so we know there’s a problem. How about some tech support guys?

    Hey, everyone! Engineering was alerted to this today, and they have been diligently working on the problem. This issue concerns our server and retrieving the dynamic sprite sheet, which optimizes page load-time.

    The reason turning off new mode allows you to see the buttons is that it pulls a sprite sheet from your plugin files which contains all of the available networks, not just the ones you selected (larger image file).

    Also, when new mode is turned off, you lose some of the special features found in SexyBookmarks, such as share counts, the Additional Buttons set, tooltips, and the use of a background image (e.g., sharing is caring).

    Classic Bookmarks should not have a visibility problem if you’d prefer to switch to that set while we work on the spritegen issue, or you can opt to turn off new mode in SexyBookmarks as explained above.

    The problem will be corrected as soon as possible. This is high priority. Thanks for contacting us!

    Any update on this bug?

    I’ve had to disable it on a few sites and it doesn’t looks right any more.

    Hi! The problem was corrected within a few hours of its report. Let’s see if we can get this working for you. First, deactivate any caching plugins, then enter the SexyBookmarks options page, make sure ‘NEW MODE’ is enabled, scroll to the bottom of the page and press the ‘Save Changes’ button. Now, clear your browser’s cache, then head to your site and refresh its content by holding down the Shift key while reloading the page.

    If the buttons are still invisible, open http://www.your-site-here.com/wp-content/uploads/shareaholic/spritegen/sprite.png in your browser and hold down your Shift key again while reloading this file. If it remains blank, as a last resort, perform a clean install of our plugin following this guide.

    If the problem does not resolve, please contact support@shareaholic.com with a summary of the error, what you’ve tried, and your web address, so that we can investigate. Thanks and good luck!


    I have a problem with that sprite.png algo, and only in IE. FF and Chrome show all the icons needed in the sprite, IE doesn’t. Even opening a local sprite in IE doesn’t render all the icons. I’m missing Facebook, Twiter and LinkedIn. All icons appear in FF, Chrome, Windows, Photoshop… but not IE. I cleaned the cache, but it wasn’t that as this is a new computer and I never have opened IE.

    Do you really need a 18.000 pixel png????



    I have the same problem and the clean install did not fix it. I am confused as to what to do. Has anyone else had the same problem as this and been unable to fix it with a clean install? Have you found a solution?


    Hey James,

    Could you reach out to us here so that we can help you individually? I’d like to take a look at your site to check a few things. Thanks so much!

    I am also having this issue and nothing has worked.

    Hey everyone!

    If the buttons were visible previously, but suddenly vanished and have yet to reappear and you have performed a clean install, please take a look at our troubleshooting guide to help in identifying any conflicts that could be causing the visibility issue: http://support.shareaholic.com/entries/23359296-General-Troubleshooting-Process

    Make sure that you have cleared and deactivated any caching plugins as well as reset and disabled any CDNs. Both of these can interfere with updates taking affect immediately.

    If all else fails and you need additional help, send a support request here for individual assistance and include details on what you have tried, your results, and a web page I can view where you are having this problem so that I may investigate. Thanks!

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