• Hi there,

    for a couple of months I have been using a shareaholic shortocde in a widget. The icons were displayed in two lines and I was happy with that.

    I guess that since the latest update the second row is not shown anymore. From the source of the page I can see that every icon exceeding the first row have a display:none attribute in its tag.

    How to avoid this?



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  • Hi Mirko,

    Could you send me a link to your website with the share buttons? I’ll take a look at it and see what I can do.


    Andy Huang
    Shareaholic Support

    Hi Andy,

    you can test it here: http://www.madacademy.it/category/italia/

    there are two icons that are visible only for a fraction of second and then they just disappear.


    Hmm… this is what I see in chrome http://minus.com/lgydipbeXybXT

    Is that correct? What browser and version are you using?

    It is not correct. I configured more buttons and I can see them for half a second… It took a while but I was able to catch that fraction:


    after half a second some icons disappear and the dotted line gets shorter.

    Mirko, sorry for being so dense, but where did you find a shareaholic shortocde to place in a widget? That is just what I need!

    mattbrandon, I am not using shareaholic on pages, so I configured it and I just put the related shortcode in a TEXT/HTML widget.

    Hi Mirko,

    Are you wanting to show all of the buttons? Since the release of version 7, our apps have been 100% responsive, which means that they are programmed to fill the container in which they load. The share buttons that would overflow to a new line are hidden, except for the More Options button that is always visible if you have this button enabled in your settings. If you’d like to show all of the buttons you have selected in your options, I can provide you with custom CSS to keep them visible at all times, but this does affect the responsiveness of our app as the customization will be applied to all display sizes (including mobile devices) unless you confine it to media queries.

    Matt, I have just the article for you! It provides everything you need to know about manually positioning our apps *anywhere* in your WordPress blog. Good luck! 😉

    Hello Celeste,

    yes please describe how to turn off responsiveness, even though globally.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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