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    I’m using the Spacious Pro theme with the Counselling demo. Some of the icons are not appearing in the Service Box, the ones where they are designed to appear above the headings and not showing up.

    The page code appears not to recognise there is an icon to be displayed at all, even though they’re turned on in the Elementor panel. This is what appears above “Why choose me” heading.

    <span class="ec-icon-inner">																									<i class="" aria-hidden="true"></i>																							</span>

    If you look at the “Sincere” heading below, the heart icon IS showing up. And you can see in the HTML source code that the class that is applied to the <i> tag “fa fa-heart” for the working icons, but it is not there at all for the heading service box items.

    Code for the working service box

    <span class="ec-icon-inner">																<i aria-hidden="true" class="fa fa-heart"></i>															</span>

    I’m working in the Chrome browser and have tested in Incognito mode, where problem persists.

    Screenshots of not-working icons in Edit mode:

    Screenshots of working icons in edit mode (settings are the same):

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hello again, I’ve now realised that it’s something to do with the demo content that I’m using. I’ve only now noticed in the counselling theme grill demo that none of the icons are showing up.

    And you’ll see on my test page now that I can make the icon show up if I create a new service box (below ‘what my clients say’). But then what is also weird is that the brand new service box does not take any of the styles of the demo. I guess the styles are all applied inline within the elementor service box, which is kind of missing the point of CSS and global styling!?

    I’m curious if you can tell me how they’re turned off in the demo components – like where in the code or modules is that instruction not to show icons?

    Hi @gradualist07,

    Thanks for reaching us,

    Could you please provide a small screen recording mentioning the above issue you have mentioned? Actually, I tried replicating the issue on my end but couldn’t replicate it. So it would be better if you could provide the recording so that I can inspect it and provide appropriate solutions.


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