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  • Resolved mattpont


    This plugin was working beautifully up until today (25th Aug), and I think that coincided with v5.10 of ACF being released.

    Now I am not seeing the icons in the dropdowns in the backend. I see the code like this instead:
    <i class=”fas”></i> address-book

    Can anybody confirm that this is an issue with them too please?

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  • Plugin Author Matt Keys


    I can confirm that there seems to be an incompatibility between ACF 5.10 and this plugin. I will update when I know more.

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    Thread Starter mattpont


    Brilliant – thanks Matt.

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    I’ve identified the change in ACF that is causing this problem to occur. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like something I can easily fix from my end. I’ve sent a support ticket to ACF to get their thoughts, hopefully they can provide a filter or override that I can use from my plugin to restore this functionality.

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    I got some really fantastic help from the new team over at Advanced Custom Fields on this issue. They have a fix for this coming in 5.10.2, but they also helped me with a fix I could implement on my end sooner, which I’ve just released in version 3.1.2 of this plugin along with some PHP8 fixes.

    This should take care of the issue, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Matt Keys

    Thread Starter mattpont


    Awesome. Amazing support from you and ACF.


    Hello, i have the same issue, its not resolved with ACF PRO V.5.10.2 and Advanced Custom Fields: Font Awesome V. 3.1.2.

    It outputs a “Uncaught Error: No select2/compat/dropdownCss” Error.

    Could you let me know how to resolve the Problem, i love your Plugin, but it doesnt work properly, it even crashes the Image Fields of ACF in the Backend when both is used.

    Cheers, Roman

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    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Hey Roman,

    The problem you are seeing sounds different to the problem that was initially reported on this thread. That issue has been resolved and I can confirm the fix is still working with ACF 5.10.2

    I wonder if you are also a WooCommerce user? The ACF team mentioned to me that there is an outstanding issue with ACF + WooCommerce + Select2, so if you are a WooCommerce user that could be related.

    If not I would need some more information to try to reproduce the issues you are seeing. If you are able to find any additional plugins or theme code you have active that are causing this issue that would help greatly.


    Hello Matt,

    i dont use Woocommerce on this page, but i get the same issue as mattpont got. My fields show as

    <i class=”fas”></i> address-book

    Instead of Dropdown, this then also breaks Image Field Buttons that come after, i guess thats Jquery related.

    I could send a list of Plugins i use, or what do you think could help to find a solution for that.

    Cheers, Roman

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Are you in a situation where you could temporarily disable other plugins, to see if the problem goes away? This is most easily accomplished on a local version of your site, or a staging version of your site if you have one of those available.

    Specifically plugins loading an older version of Select2 might cause this issue, so if you have any applications that will let you search your plugins codebase for references to ‘select2’ that might quickly pinpoint any plugins using it that you could test first. If your code is on GitHub their search tool would allow you to do that. A popular editor Sublime Text also lets you search entire directories at once.

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    I will test that.

    I will report what ive found.

    Hey Matt,

    Ive searched all Plugins that had select2 in it.
    Ive deactivated all those Plugins, but still the error remains.

    Here the List of Plugins that used it.

    Admin Columns (ACF)
    Admin Columns Pro
    Advanced Custom Fields Font Awesome
    Advanced Custom Fields Pro
    Compilanz gdpr
    Prevent Direct Access
    Prevent Direct Access Gold
    Wordpress 2FA

    I guess thats a bit much to test for you, so i guess i will maybe find another solution for my Problem.

    But every bit of help is welcome.


    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Wow that is a lot of plugins mentioning/using Select2. If you had all of these disabled at the same time (except the two ACF ones), and the problem still appeared, we can assume the problem is elsewhere.

    You can check to see which version of Select2 is being loaded in your admin area using your browsers inspector/developer tools. Below is a screenshot of what that looks like on my laptop using Google Chrome. Safari/Firefox/Edge all have similar features just laid out a bit differently.

    In my test environment I see Select2 v 4.0.13 being loaded, and perhaps more importantly it is ‘select2.full.js’.

    I’ve been googling/reading about the error you are getting, and it seems to be caused by trying to use the ‘dropdownCss’ argument when using a slimmed down/non-full featured version of Select2.

    Looking through the source for Advanced Custom Fields Pro, it looks like it ships with both versions, but I can only see it ever attempting to load the ‘full’ version. So I am curious to hear what is being enqueued in your environment. If it isn’t the full version maybe I can reach out to ACF support and see under what circumstances that should happen.

    Same bug here but my website.

    I get e.select2 is not a function error in the console.

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Can you confirm that you are on the latest versions of ACF + this plugin? The bug that this support post was created to address has already been resolved. So it is possible you are maybe on an older version, or you are experiencing a different issue with similar symptoms.

    Oh sorry, it does seem like a different problem with similar symptoms!

    Yes, running the latest versions of both plugins.

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