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    I’m having trouble with the icons for the Services and Percent sliders section. The circle outlines in the Services section display, but not the actual icons. I have selected and tried many different icons, and have used many different browsers. In the Percentage section, only the tag icon displays at the title, but not those you can set below.

    Have tried about everything I can think of to fix it, but no luck. Please advise what might be causing this.

    Problem can be seen at

    Thank you!


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  • gabeb1920


    I’m having the same issue with the Services icons.



    It is frustrating.
    It is like the icon/font file doesnt exist anywhere that i can find.
    Not sure why it is not working.

    Please do help 🙂



    Still haven’t figured it out, but I do know that it is trying to utilize the Elusive Icons font set. Something isn’t connecting– might be related to WP version?

    Any insights appreciated.

    Theme Author Venkat Raj


    I check the above mentioned site. Some how it isn’t displaying icon name correctly. I don’t know why.

    I’ve also downloaded theme freshly and checked on existing WordPress installation and it works just fine.

    Please try to re-install theme. I think there was an error when updating.



    Ok I compared the output html for my site and for the demo site. The class where the icon should be displayed is encoded incorrectly for my site.
    In the screenshot here you can see the comparison. The top one works as it matches the demo site but the second one is what my version of the theme produces which doesn’t work.
    Next step is to figure out how to edit the php which build the page. Any ideas?



    So I know it’s not a complete fix but I just hardcoded the correct icon class into the php.
    The error is always the same. You need to remove the first 3 characters – “el ” – e+l+space
    then add in “-icon” after the el. So what was “el el-briefcase” becomes “el-icon-briefcase”.
    I edited this in the front-page.php file on the host server in the wp-content/themes/abaris folder.
    Look for this line and change it as follows:
    Old line:
    $output .= '<h3><i class="' . esc_attr( $abaris['service-icon-1'] ) . '"></i></h3>';

    New line:
    $output .= '<h3><i class="el-icon-adult"></i></h3>';

    So here it is working:
    Hope that helps until we can find a proper solution.

    Theme Author Venkat Raj


    Ok. Redux Framework has been updated and so is Elusive Icons.
    This caused the issue. I’ve updated Elusive Icon files in theme also and submitted an update. It will be live in couple of days and updating to v.1.2.0 will solve the problem.

    PS: Currently 8 days of updates (other themes) waiting in queue. So, I think it is not possible to v.1.2.0 to be live in couple of days.




    Also with the same update my footed widgets are not showing up.
    They are enabled but not working.

    I think it is also related to Redux update.

    Thank you,

    On my front page (which I want linked to my home page) it only shows the flex slider and three empty service icon buttons. On my home page it shows the full page (which is more than just the slider and service icon buttons). When I link the two, the home page disappears and becomes like the front page. When I click on edit on the front page, then it does show all of my things there. They just don’t appear on the page. I can’t code. I need some kind of help with this.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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