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  • Hi everybody
    I have a photoblog where I display FB, Stumbleupon and other icons just below the main post image. As you can see they are displayed with a vertical order and with quite a lot of space between them; I’d rather like to have the icons displayed in this way
    Does anybody know how can I achieve such layout?

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  • One minutes… I’m looking for a solution


    First, it’s difficult to solve this for Facebook like button !

    But for Feedburner paragraph, add this style :

    float: left;

    This will make Stumbleupon beside on right the feedburner icon.

    For facebook, (if you can change width and height value) you can change IFRAME width that is too big ! actually IFRAME width is 450 ! If you replace 450px by 70px :
    This is the result


    One minutes… I’m looking for a solution

    It’s very very kind of you; only, forgive my ignorance, I’m not sure about where I should apply the changes you suggest me.
    Is it in the Stylesheet?
    And if yes, where exactly?

    Hi riversatile
    did you see my reply?
    If not, can you please tell me where I should make the changes?

    Yes, in a stylesheet.
    But as I can see, this is difficult to do this, because the stylesheet you need to change is in your plugin that display this Feedburner icon !

    So you need to change the plugin itself.
    Unless you can add CSS code in the setting panel of this plugin. It’s possible, try to find that kind of section in the setting panel.
    I’m sure there is a field where you can add the CSS code “float: left;”


    Uhm, it gets a bit difficult for me; I had a look at the CSS and there is a very long list of items like “float: something”. I don’t know; I am afraid to mess it up.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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