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  • haha… though you’re quite right Racer. It’s a very roundabout way of doing things and generally I’m not a big fan of my users messing around with core theme files.

    An override in the plugin itself makes much more sense.

    Plugin is good though – about the only one I’ve found that allows you to use shortcodes and custom formatting….

    @wdesusa – Yes, it is a good plugin. It saved me when Google dropped their support for their weather API! I wrote my own custom weather widget for that and many of my sites had to be fixed so this plugin really saved me some time.

    I also agree about users not messing with code.

    I used the above suggestion at the top that LingoSam posted. Edited the wunderground.php file. It’s working great now.

    I also followed Wdesousa’s advice and downloaded my icon set. I plan redirect the PHP to find them hosted locally at some point.

    But for now, this is working.

    Thanks all!

    You guys rock for taking the time to share such detailed and great info! I will try your suggestion wdesousa as soon as I have a few minutes to dedicate to it.

    Thanks to LingoSam, dmh123c and Racer really. They set myself and everyone on the right path..

    However, I will of course take FULL credit for everything…

    haha 🙂

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! To each & every one of you!

    I was actually able to fix this by following LingoSam’s instructions…well, not exactly the 1st time because I didn’t scroll down enough but then I went back in, found the places I missed, replaced all of the “ecast” with ak & got it to work!

    I’m a total newbie to anything code, it makes me super nervous & I worry that I’m going to break something. I just got the plugin working a couple of days ago, please that I managed to figure out how to do it then pretty bummed early today when it was all messed up. But happy now & thanks so much for helping to achieve my first successful attempt with code. (I say successful because I’ve tried doing a child theme but so far haven’t gotten it to work right. And oh, if you click on my profile the quote “I make my living with WP” well I didn’t click that box & have no idea why that’s there!)


    I have the same issue and om all sites i will try to replace the path, thanks for that advice,
    @sweettart iam also afraid breaking something when changing the code and
    Childthemes are much easier to do then all the complicate explanations i understand it after a long time trying with this great explanation. May be its helping you too
    Good luck!

    Thank you @johnbchrise for the filter in functions.php advice, worked perfectly for me after removing the cache=”true” from the shortcode and republishing the page to get it work.

    Cool it works!!!! Thanks a lot i could fix it on all sites indeed its a great plugin and i didn t find an alternativa so good to know that its working again!
    It seems that the iconset you used until its braked is not working , i used simple and only this one dosn t work. Incredible works for me. May be thats from the cache i will try later again.
    Anyhow this advice to change ecast to ak saved me hours trying to find something else!Have a great weekend!

    Here’s a list of icons (Daytime) with URL to icons-ak if anyone wants to use it in a .txt file to batch download and then switch to local as per the FAQ. Not positive if it’s complete for this set because I couldn’t get a list from the API.


    It’s using /k/ in the URL for the ‘Incredible’ icon set but you can easily just find/replace to grab others.

    wget -i filename_with_urls.txt

    Hi…. I replaced the old URL with as suggested above and yes, the icons reappeared. However, it seems that regardless of the descriptor the icon is the same, e.g today in a two-day display I have “partly cloudy” and “chance of rain”, but I am getting the same icon. In this case the “partly cloudy” icon for both forecasts. I’ve tried changing icon sets and it makes no difference. Assuming its my error, where did I screw up in replacing the icon location string?
    (Here’s the site: )

    It’s working after utilizing LingoSam’s (Find all instances of and replace them with fix.

    Thanks again everyone for the crucial time-saving input!

    I was thinking, perhaps, this plugin should have the icons stored locally?

    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    Sorry everyone – I’ve updated the plugin to fix the image links. The version has the fix.

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