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  • My icons have been impacted to as has everyones I guess. Can you elaborate how you updated the wunderground.php to use different icons?

    Hey dmh123c.

    Good work on finding a fix. I’m struggling to find the icons.ak server you mention. I tried: but not available for me?

    any tips? thanks

    You need to edit the WP Wunderground plugin, or wait for an official plugin update.

    If your impatient like myself:

    Log into the back of your site WordPress login.
    Select “Plugins>Editor”.

    The file you need to edit is wunderground.php (After selecting ‘WP Wunderground’).

    Find all instances of and replace them with

    This is easier done if you copy and paste the code into a code editor, Sublime text for instance as you can use the ‘find and replace’ feature. (then you can just paste the code back in browser, and save.)

    Thanks for the tip LingoSam.

    I’m impatient lol

    Tbh I’d already replaced all instances of the URL with the new URL – in TextCrawler.

    Problem is that doesn’t work either – just generating 403 and 404’s.. 🙂

    Do we know if this is a temporary issue? Or if Wunderground are discontinuing hosting of the icon-sets?

    thanks again mate


    The root page is not available there, but the “helen” icons that I use are. for instance.

    No problems!

    In my above comment, I might not have explained it very well.
    I didn’t mean replace it with the root folder, I mean’t just replace that particular part of the url.

    So as you say in your follow up comment as an example:


    I’ve done this to mine, and all the images have restored.

    I don’t know the actual cause.
    Could be they are simply re-organising their server, or it could be they’ve realised how much bandwidth is being swallowed up by plugins such as this directly linking to their hosted images.

    Ideally the plugin should install local copies of the images to avoid this.

    Hi LingoSam,

    No i did understand you 🙂 and made the correct entries.

    I’ve actually used the short-codes option with custom formatting although this should still work.

    EDIT: Re-installed the plugin made the changes again and it’s now working..


    Agree with your comment – free bandwidth is probably the issue – I may just re-code the PHP to use local images – as this new server may go offline soon as well.

    Thanks for all your help mate – appreciated 🙂

    Thanks dmh and Sam for your input on this.
    I made the changes and my icons now appear. However, the “incredible” set of icons are not appearing. That was my selection so I just changed to default.
    Anyone else trying “incredible”?

    Can I just download these icons and serve them up from my WP install?

    Thanks for the link to the new icons. I also worry these will soon be not available so hoping that this gets resolved.

    If anyone is still having issues after this new icon path is in place, you can try un-checking the “Use Cache” field.

    I have to say, looking at this plugin I am a little surprised that:
    a: they hard code every image path like that (why not define a URL path for the icons?)
    b: they don’t just have the icons in the plugin file itself?

    Oh well. I am certainly not complaining. I know it’s a free plugin.

    Not a problem. I’ve got to say like most people once i’ve fixed my problem, i’m outta there.

    I made the changes and my icons now appear. However, the “incredible” set of icons are not appearing. That was my selection so I just changed to default.
    Anyone else trying “incredible”?

    I am using the ‘incredible’ theme. (Others looked rotten in my humble opinion!)
    It must be being cached somewhere, like what racer x has noted.

    Either the plugin cache, or you might possibly have a WordPress site cache plugin like W3 total cache etc.

    I completely agree racer x. I’m much happier using my own servers bandwidth than essentially hotlinking the original site. I would happily add them to my own if I could get access to the full set.

    Good tip Racer.

    The icons disappeared again but cache=false fixed it.

    This may fix your issues as well Jeff.

    Lingo the following page has a full list of icon-sets:

    Shame they’re not zipped – pain to have to save as image each one – but they are correctly named so…

    good luck all…

    How about just using the option of uploading your own icon set and allowing to pull form sever in which your site resides? In the wp-wunderground text file, it gives “instructions” how to do this, but it doesn’t make entire sense to me. here is what the text doc says:

    If you want to use your own icons, you would add a filter to the bottom of your theme’s functions.php file:

    <h3>Version 1.2+</h3>

    add_filter('wp_wunderground_forecast_icon', 'use_custom_wunderground_icons');
    function use_custom_wunderground_icons($content=null) { 
    	$myIconFolder = '';
    	$myFileType = '.gif';
    	$content = preg_replace('/http\:\/\/icons\-ecast\.wxug\.com\/i\/c\/[a-z]\/(.*?)\.gif/ism', $myIconFolder.'$1'.$myFileType, $content);
    	return $content;

    <h3>Version 1.1</h3>

    add_filter('wp_wunderground_forecast', 'use_custom_wunderground_icons');
    function use_custom_wunderground_icons($content=null) { 
    	$myIconFolder = '';
    	$myFileType = '.gif';
    	$content = preg_replace('/http\:\/\/icons\-ecast\.wxug\.com\/i\/c\/[a-z]\/(.*?)\.gif/ism', $myIconFolder.'$1'.$myFileType, $content);
    	return $content;

    Can anyone make better sense of this? What do I name the actual icons?

    Also, from the Wunderground site, vague reference is given here to adding a set of icons. Click here to view the post.

    Hi John,

    Just add the code to your theme’s functions.php file. Change the $myIconFolder path to your image path.

    Basically this code just tells the plugin to replace the path to the Wunderground icon server to your own local folder.

    As to icon names – if you grab them from they are already correctly named to correspond to the different weather events.

    hope that helps.

    @wdesousa – You beat me to it! I was just about to answer! hehe.

    This is a very strange method IMO. Why do all that preg_replace before output when there could have been one simple field in the settings for your own image path that would override the default path?

    Oh well. Maybe next version. I do like the plugin.

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