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  • Hello,

    I used to use the icons to share items from my webshop to Facebook, Twitter etc.
    Unfortunately apparently the icons only open my Facebook page, Twitter page etc. but don’t share my items.

    Why is this changed? What use is this plugin when it only opens social media when I want customers to stay in my webshop?

    If this is a changed setting I really do hope to hear what setting that is!

    I also wonder how I can share items on Instagram as I do see that icon but no really good use to that now.

    Thank you in advance for all tips, help and support!

    Kind regards,

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • The settings in the plugin say “What do you want the icons to do?” but it’s not the icons that do the sharing but the extra buttons. This really confuses me. Should be much more clearer. Now going to try to delete the icons wondering if the buttons are gone then too.

    Well the icons are turned off now and the buttons at the bottom of items are still there. They work as I used to use the icons before, so an add blocked should be preventing this and it doesn’t. So something is weird with the plugin.
    Did you try to share a produkt with the FB icon when it was still active? WHen I do have an ad blocker that would prevent it then you should be able to share it with the icon (NOT the buttons on the bottom of an item!).
    Did you try?

    Plugin Author socialdude


    No, I did not try to share. It’s not clear to me what you are driving at. When the share button shows, then sharing should be possible. The issue was that in your browser the share button was blocked.

    No that was not what I wrote.
    The problem was that I used to use the icon to share, but now it only opens my Facebook page e.g., so no sharing.
    I wasn’t blocked, it just did something else then what I used to.
    The small buttons under the text of an item does share, but not the icon anymore.

    I just shared an item on my Facebook, but now I only have the problem that the picture isn’t visible on Facebook.
    When I delete the post and share again after several attempts the picture gets visible. This happened before a lot and sometimes I can delete and re-share a lot without any succes of getting the picture visible. Odd isn’t it?

    Plugin Author socialdude


    How did you define which pic gets shared? Maybe you set it as featured image?

    That isn’t a reliable way, and therefore we implemented a separate & reliable system in this plugin so that you can define exactly which text & pic should get shared for every specific page.

    Also see

    I always get the main picture. Just sometimes it takes a few attempts of sharing to get it visible on FB. Just the main picture is enough as it’s just to show what item it is.

    From experience I only buy plugins only when the free one is working fine without issues and I do want some extra options to use that are not in the free edition.
    I had bought plugins before but didn’t work properly and things could not be solved so that left me with a payed plugin I couldn’t use so I got a lot more careful with buying.
    I also look at the quality of support that is given when an issue should occur before I buy.

    I will check out your links and keep things in mind about extra options. 😉

Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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