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  • Hi,
    I am using Oxygen Builder for developing frontend when using acf font awsome its working fine on back end but its not displaying any thing on the front end when i am calling the data through oxygen builder element
    Can you please help me how to do this

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  • Plugin Author Matt Keys



    I haven’t used Oxygen Builder before so if the issue you are experiencing is specific to working with Oxygen Builder I may not have good insight for you.

    With that said, there are some things for you to check/troubleshoot.

    By default this plugin does not load FontAwesome on your sites frontend. When you add your FontAwesome field to your field group in Advanced Custom Fields you can choose to have it do so. So first thing to check might be just make sure you have it loading FontAwesome, or you are loading it yourself some other way.

    Additionally if you are familiar with your browsers developer tools/inspector, you could look to see if the icon element HTML is being loaded on the page.

    Let me know what you see.

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Oxygen Builder has a demo of their software on their website that I was just tinkering with. I added a text field, and a FontAwesome field to a blog post, and gave them both some values.

    I set up Oxygen to output those two fields in their template editor. The text field showed up, but the FontAwesome field said “No data for field”.

    I am guessing this is the same thing you are seeing?

    I am not sure what Oxygen Builder is doing behind the scenes to make their builder compatible with ACF. I wonder if they had to code in support for each of the field types, so this third party field type is not supported? Just guessing here.

    If you have any support/contact with them it would be helpful to loop them in here as they will understand better the intricacies of how their plugin works with ACF fields. If they have recommendations that need to be implemented on my end to make my plugin compatible with theirs am open to that.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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