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  • Hello, when I change icon in admin and save page icon won’t load on frontend. If I select new icon it will show, but if I select previously selected one it won’t. It’s missing :before element.

    I flushed all caches – wordpress and browser.

    Can you help me?

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  • Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Hey emcadesign, it is difficult to say with 100% certainty why you are seeing this issue.

    From what you are describing it sounds like maybe you are loading multiple copies of the FontAwesome CSS on the frontend of your website. If that is the case, some icons may be missing if the last copy of the FontAwesome CSS to load is an older version and doesn’t include the icon you are looking for.

    It is not uncommon for some WordPress themes to load FontAwesome, and you could have other plugins installed also loading it. I would investigate there and try to remove any duplicates to see if it helps.

    Thread Starter emcadesign


    I have link in my header for font awesome, but if I delete it, it wonť show any of the icons. I will try explain better …

    1. I select ico boxes, saved page and it display on frontend.
    2. I select ico truck on same picker, saved and it display on frontend.
    3. I select ico boxes on same picker, saved and then it won’t show on frontend.

    No idea why 🤔

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    This plugin doesn’t do very much on the frontend, mostly it adds the ability to select icons in the backend. So I still think your problem is most likely that the FontAwesome CSS you are loading on the frontend doesn’t contain the icon you are trying to use. There is an option in the plugin settings when you define the ACF FontAwesome field to let it load the CSS on your frontend, so you could try that to see if that helps you.

    Otherwise I would just double check that you are using the latest/correct version of FontAwesome on your frontend.

    Thread Starter emcadesign


    Hello, I checked versions and I have 5.3. version linked and selected 5.x in settings.

    It is not like it just won’t show some icons, it will show all of them when they are first time selected in one specific picker. If I change them to different icon in that same picker and then change it back to first time select icon then it won’t show the icon. That’s the issue. I am not sure if you understand me.

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Okay I see what you are saying. I haven’t ever received a report like that so this is likely something unique to your installation.

    When I have had some quirky behaviors from ACF fields in the past, I’ve sometimes been able to fix them by deleting and rebuilding the field group to start fresh. In those cases I don’t really know what was going on under the hood in ACF to cause the issue but fixing it was enough for me. So that is one thought you could try.

    Another process you could go through is a bit of trial/error to see if any other code or plugin you have active on your site is causing a conflict. So you would disable everything that isn’t needed here to test this, see if the problem goes away. Then start adding things back slowly to identify the conflict ( if there is one ).

    Sorry I don’t have any more specific advice to share with you, but you are the only report I have of a problem like this so I don’t have any background yet on what could be causing this. If any of the above helps you, or you figure out some other cause/solution for this, please write back here so that it can help others in the future.


    Matt Keys



    I had the same issue for a short while. Quickly discovered it was just because in my field setup I have not told FA to be enqueued. Perhaps WordPress Admin already has FA enqueued so it’s confusing to see it on the back end but not on the front end.

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