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  • Very cool site and very cool theme.

    Thank you for looking. The Tigopedia theme is pretty flexible. I’m only now starting to modify the theme files. I’m using a rotating header image which means I need to analyze more carefully what images I use.
    So far the traffic is light and only a few comment spam attempts. I didn’t get the whole blog thing for a while. So far I’m not blogging about the cat or moods. 🙂 We’ll see if it can get some dialog which would be nice.
    The WeatherIcon plugin is decent but the NOAA data gets stale for sites outside of north america.

    More ideas to come as I figure this thing out.

    Today I made a trip to a Windoze machine and discovered that IE6 wasn’t rendering many of the images. I’ve now “dumbed down” the CSS so that it works even on a crippled browser such as IE. That was pretty funny.. No wonder I wasn’t getting many return visits.

    I’d appreciate any comments on the site.

    No more comments? I got hits but few comments. Is it butt ugly, disfunctional, confusing, or just boring?

    The information about Iceland (such as the weather info) isn’t right. I’m in Iceland right now and I can assure you that the temperature is not at 0°C and it’s not snowing.

    But I really like your sub-headline !Well, on with the butter!.

    Thank you for looking! Indeed the weather wasn’t right, NOAA has been having problems and stations outside of N.A. don’t get updated for days. For now I’ve replaced weather with wunderground buttons, but I like the look of the other. Now it says you are at 8C and typically overcast. We’re at -3C here and dropping fast toward -19C by tonight. brrrrrr.

    hehe, “Well, on with the butter” / “Jæja, en áfram med sm jörid”. Just for you folks my Icelandic cousins. 🙂

    I hope to make my visit by Spring.

    I’m just curious, why are you so interested in Iceland?

    Well in short, clean air and water, power of nature, beauty of nature, sounds and smells. I want to see a geothermal plant and a district heating system. I want to relax in an outdoor swimming pool heated by nature. I want to hear the language spoken in context. I want to see how long term considerations (like geo systems) compare to our short term mindset (consume, toss, and buy again). I want to get a feel for that mindset and if it is as I imagine.

    I feel drawn to Iceland and have so for a long time. I had another dream about being there last night.

    As for my site….

    Ok, thats amazing. You should hurry get here before Iceland turns into a smaller version of America (that is slowly happening).

    The only thing I’m waiting for is some money. I plan on making it a low budget trip (Reykjavik card + local food) but I’m still about $1K short.

    I hope the “dumbing of Iceland” doesn’t happen too fast. That is what happened to Canada and it is very sad to see. Take some of the culture if you must but go your own way as you’ve been so far. Ya’ll have a good thing going there and I’ll cry if it becomes just another state. The only “ancient” Icelandic culture I want to read about is the sagas. I like what I see so far of that magical island.

    Beware of that the food is very expensive!

    I thought I’d give this a bump.

    I’d appreciate any comments from the fine folks around here. I keep getting hits but few comments (thanks samboll and adalsteinn). People that know me can’t figure out why I have the site but I’m looking for generic comments from the web aware folks. Or does it simply suck rocks?


    The site definitely doesn’t suck rocks. It’s a very nice blog and I think it’s great that you’re so into Iceland. Good job.

    Ok, well I’m not some awesome designer, but here’s my 2 cents:

    I’m not into Iceland myself, any more than any other country anyway, although I did have a friend who lived there once. That being said, this site will be more attractive to people who are really into Iceland. For traffic, my first guess would be to post this link in your signature and then post like crazy on message boards regarding Iceland.

    I also think you should post the “posted on” date on the front page somewhere next to the post so people can easliy see how often you’ve posted. Sites that are updated regularly are always more attractive, and you’ll usually earn repeat visitors that way.

    I really think it’s a cool site, and like I said, I’d be a regular subscriber if Iceland was my thing. Good job!

    Thank you very much for the look see and analysis. It started as a very narrowly focused site that was less blog and more CMS. But it isn’t about Iceland per se anymore. It doesn’t have mass appeal and isn’t intended to be that. It isn’t a revenue generator even though the only thing holding me back from my ‘dream’ is money.

    I added a time stamp since it is starting to act more like a blog. You were right about that. I do it mainly for myself and perhaps someday my kids will find the flow and discover what is buried in there, by then I should have more content. I hope that soon it will document the actual trip in real time.

    So yeah, most people give me a puzzled look or comment. That’s ok, no matter where I go even to my home town I get the same question “You’re not from around here are ya?”. So I feel as much at home in Iceland as anywhere else and much more so than many places.

    ^edit. The header image randomly rotates even though many people only see one because they only do a drive by glance.

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