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    Is there a way to get an iCal subscription for all events?
    I want a button that people click on that will add a subscription in their calendars to all future events.

    #_EVENTICALURL gets an ics file for a single event
    /events.ics gets an ics file for all events, but it is not a subscription

    I have found that I can manually add a subscription in MacOS calendar with the /events.ics URL, but then I have to manually configure everything about it.

    I want something similar to how Tripit does it – one click and you’re done…

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  • Patrick Buntsma


    /events.ics IS a subscription. It will update automatically. I have been using it for a couple of years now. You have to configure the content ONCE in your EM settings.



    Ok, I agree it is a subscription, but to get the behaviour I need it seems I should be publishing the link as webcal://<sitename>>/events.ics, which is great because it is prompting me to add the subscription to my calendars.


    But how to configure it so that it shows a nice name? Currently, in my devices the subscription is named <sitename>/events.ics. How can I change that?

    Nothing in the Events -> Settings -> Formatting seems to apply. The closest I’ve seen so far is the “RSS” section, but nothing in there is appearing the ICS file.

    It seems that extra data should be included at the top of the ICS file. Currently, I have:


    Comparing to another ICS feed that DOES have a nicely formatted name:

    X-WR-CALNAME:<nicely formatted Calendar name>
    X-WR-CALDESC:<nicely formatted calendar description>
    PRODID:-//John Papaioannou/NONSGML Bennu 0.1//EN

    It appears the X-WR-CALNAME is what is missing. Any idea how to include that?

    BTW: the documentation seems to be out of date, because the folder structure they describe doesn’t match my installation at all…

    Patrick Buntsma


    You name the calendar on your device in… your device. Every user can set their own preferred name for a calendar in his app. That is not pushed on by the ics file. Ever.

    For the settings, simply go to:
    Events > Settings > Formatting > Calendar > iCal Feed Settings

    Patrick Buntsma


    Or you can completely customize the iCal feed in



    Thanks for your replies Patrick, I think I’m getting close!

    I disagree that the name is *only* set in the device. One can certainly choose to name it something else, but the TripIt feed I’m comparing it too will default it to something like “TripIt Calendar” not “site”.

    I don’t see iCal Feed settings in my instance – how can that be? I just installed the plugin this morning… (Version 5.9.5)

    Also, there is no “templates” folder at all… Could this be a WordPress issue? (WordPress 5.1.1 running Customify theme.)

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    Ical settings should be under events > settings > formatting > calendar > iCal Feed Settings and/or template files (using ftp or hosting>cpanel>file manager) under events-manager/templates/templates/ical.php

    I see neither those settings, nor any folder named “templates” in the source…
    In your other thread, you suggest safe mode, which I will try next.

    Ok – I totally missed the part where one has to create the plugins folder inside the theme folder. IMHO, this should be called out a little louder on this page:

    Nevertheless, I copied:

    And added the following lines:

    // add Calendar name and description to header
    $output_header .= "\r\nX-WR-CALNAME:" . get_option("blogname");
    $output_header .= "\r\nX-WR-CALDESC:" . get_option("blogname") . " Calendar Subscription";
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