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  • Boyz boyz,

    You god created geniuses.
    please answer a simple question.

    Changing themes:
    I´ve downloaded a few themes I´d like to try .

    You talk a lot about downloading the themes to WP-whatever.
    And then choosing them from WP-whatever, but how on earth do
    I move the themes from my harddisk to my host (hostgator) .

    I´m serious.
    I can open the zip-file with the themes but how do I send them to my default WP-blog at my host.

    Please try to understand and please answer.

    – moi ?
    -a newbie?
    -how did you guess?

    `papwe´(= Kaj Westergard)

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  • Consider Using FileZilla to transfer your files. Look here for instructions on WordPress Codex:

    Moderator James Huff



    I’m a newbie to this part of computing too, but I’m a veteran at most other things digital.

    First, you should get the FileZilla FTP application (but other freeware apps are OK too–FileZilla is a bit simpler than most I’ve found).

    Next, you gotta get your FTP site address stuff from your host, “Hostgator” or whatever. You type that into the address section in FileZilla: Open “File” upper L corner–select “Site manager”; go to bottom L of screen; add a new site; fill in your data you got from your host. You’ll need to fill in your username and PW from your host. SAVE it all; then connect.

    On the L sideof the screen in FileZilla are your local computer’s hard drive files; you should find your theme files there before connecting to your host FTP site to minimize connect time. I do this only for security reasons, and to avoid “mouse click” blunders while in transfer mode.

    After connecting to your host’s FTP:

    On the R side of the screen you find your folder online where you want to send your stuff. You just L click/hold mouse on your local files and drag them to your remote folder; in other words, you go from L to R side of screen, and drop them.

    Of course, you’ll run in to some other problems along the way, but that’s part of the fun and learning ;))

    Hope this helps

    Thank you MichaelH, macmanx and DoctorLes for your answers.

    Somehow I only manage to surf this site in circles so I hadn´t seen
    the Codex article and I didn´t know about Filezilla, although I really tried to read everything before I posted my question.

    Filezilla was easy to use and worked really well,
    even for me 🙂
    Kaj Westergard

    The wonders of modern computer science. 🙂

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